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Enemies Attacking Far Too Often.


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saw one other thread touching on this after a quick skim of this sub forum.

basically, all the mobs seem to be using their abilities way too often. way too often generally being - starting a knockback attack, before your character has even recovered from being knocked back.

this includes disruptors, toxic ancients, jumpers, and probably all the bosses (tested with a few, got too bored to continue testing the rest).

this horridly needs to be changed, it often ends up being ever get knockback once, and you lose.

even testing against the jackal, he fired his mines(which were invisible i think, i could've sworn there was some visual to it so you could avoid them), and i got knocked down. he then fired mines again before my character had even started to stand back up, and my clanmate and i therefore instantly died.

suffice to say, having just about every enemy in the game capable of keeping you stunned permanently is pretty boring.

i'm all for improving things when something goes wrong, but seriously, have recent changes been inhouse playtested? i'd think permanent knockdown would be pretty easy to spot even in 5 minutes of playtesting.

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