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What's A Good Pistol And Melee Weapon?



I've been using the base weapons for a while now and i've been wanting to try to get materials to build/ buy a new weapon, not sure what to do for though, anyone have any recommendations? I was thinking about going for Gram and Lex pistol but i've heard scindo and bolto/akboltos are better.

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If you're still new to the game, the Aklato is one of the best pistols available, although the new auto-pistol, the Viper, is also a good choice for beginners. The Bolto/Akbolto are a pain to craft, especially when compared to the Aklato.

As for a melee weapon, the Gram is good, but Dual Heat Sword is probably better, as it offers a more reasonable compromise between charge damage and charge time, and regular attack speed. Also, the innate fire damage bonus is great for Infected missions.

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