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Too Much Bug Or Do I Have A Virus?


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Ok here the story: one day i login and i found out that is was so laggy that all the planet was in a different spot,i put a infected damge to my melee and I started to have green goo going all over my body,and when i enter the dojo it log me out. So what is happening, is it happening to everyone or just me.

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This is what i mean by the planet is not in it position including me http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/615048258675893851/3AB9F4160EAFB0FD746B19690B56A67079E46A7D/

The only thing that looks weird, aside from your frame not being centered, is that the outer orbit rings are missing from the planets.


In regards to your original post, if you equipped a poison mod and it applied the visual effect to your frame, that just sounds like a bug. You can submit a support ticket by clicking "Support" at the bottom of the website and see what they can do to fix it. Also, the planets do orbit the sun, so they'll be in different positions on the star chart as time goes by. This will also cause the nodes (the missions on a planet) and links to other planets to be rotated, which is honestly a bit confusing even for me and I wish they would stay in a fixed pattern.


Aaand, as for the login issue, everyone's getting that right now.

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