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Melee 2.0 More Improvement


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I don't know if I posted in good category : D

I like Melee 2.0 but still not happy at all at this, Melee weapons are now more powerful but not so much powerful.
Taking your sword to hand isn't that cool as it should be, The best way is still to Shot and just slide attack or slash enemies when they are close to you. Why I would take melee weapons to my hands and go to them to slice them if I just can shot them from a safe distance?

Melee should be more as a multiplie enemies hit to take group of enemies. Melee 2.0 is still lack of this, going with only your sword to the group of high leveled enemies is a big mistake.

It could be better to still have Charge attacks but with different way and different looking. I'd like to improve melee 2.0 with ultimate combo techniques, bonus for killing enemies. 
If you will make a combo of 10 hits your melee weapon is starting to shine and you are abble to make charge attack that will be look similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GKHM25LvnQ

And improve more melee chanelling. For me melee channeling are missing something cool and it's a fast way to use all energy :/ for little more damage, it could be cool to make Channeling and do different moves to hit more than one enemy. Just like strong one cut to enemy, then long step forward to another cut hit and to another. In one channeling swing 5 energy we hit 3 enemies. Example: 

With that I could feel like the melee weapons have power and taking sword to your hand have a big deal. Because of hitting with melee multiplie enemies. Edited by IfritKajiTora
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