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  1. Warframe is easy game, you get new stuff you go and get new stuff just like that because enemies aren't hard, missions also aren't hard to do. And here when the problem starts. I'm a Warfrmae player for over 8 years, and I started to getting bored by the game, it doesn't have any reall challenge and the game is unbalanced. Mostly unbalanced because of damage mods and multishots. So here is a idea that would allow players to test new direction where warframe could go and DE would see if people like the idea or not. THE IDEA: Just as steel path choice on planets, there would be a new d
  2. Using this mod, and melee is still not powerfull enough. While with Excalibur just 155% strength entering the fight and ending it in seconds. While with titania it about 3-5 times longer.
  3. So show us your melee build and tell how do you do good damage with her melee weapon. I'm curious if it's possible that I'm missing something.
  4. The heavy attack doesn't do anything except for eating your combo counter. Life steal works when you hit with charge attack but otherwise it's useless in my opinion since you lose damage.
  5. Her Razorwing weapons are weaker than your regular weapons and ability also consumes your energy, that is my complain. Her weapons in that form should do more damage/DPS than your regular weapons, otherwise it fails in what it should do.
  6. Well what's the point of using Titania razor wing if you deal less damage than with your regular weapons? It answers it self, need to add that to the post.
  7. I've made build for Titania with 199% power strength and fully upgraded weapons, I would like to play as that warframe but I'm not so much interested since she is too weak. The damage is fine, but with 199% strength it should be stronger, so her weapons need buffs. Dex Pixia (pistols) - need around 30% more damage Diata prime - need 25% critical chance or 250% critical damage and 20%-25% status chance, 10% is really low and thos weapon is not getting enough damage from Condition overload, To make good damage from melee you need to first shoot with pistols and then melee enemies, but it
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