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  1. From the beginning of Fortuna K-drives were useless for me, because there is archwing. Saw the newest devstream about making K-drives useful and I just made a quick thoughts on it. 1.Make K-drives equipable in ALL missions, I don't see a point of restricting them only to open worlds. It's a nice difference beetwen archwings and for the more points down below. Optional: a)Make them equipable with Operators, I know that they have void dash but it would be nice to make them use something. 2.Make sprinting for Warframes and operators default, no longer need to hold sprint key to run. 3. While holding sprint key K-drive appear while running and your Warframe/operator step on it without any stop, just still moving smoothly forward and you are on K-drive, but it's a different K-drive equipment that works differently, let's call his "Quick K-drive mode" (explained below). So K-drives become a new sprint key which is faster sprinting. Pressing once or tapping sprint key still makes roll. How this works?: a)You can still equip your K-drive as it is now to make tricks and some other stuff. b)Equiping K-drive with sprint key don't allow you to do tricks, it works as melee 2.9/3.0 any action with auto unequip this K-drive mode: -Pressing shift, make immediately roll and unequiping K-drive. -shoting will unequip "Quick K-drive mode" -aiming will unequip "Quick K-drive mode" -melee attack will unequp "Quick K-drive mode" -Slide right now have no idea : P -Jump will do higher jump and unequip "Quick K-drive mode" -Holding jump will charge up higher jump and unequip "Quick K-drive mode" So almost any action that is not standard moving around or sprinting will unequip "Quick K-drive mode" 4.Each K-drive have it's own 4 abilities just like Warframes, so you can have additional 4 new abilities by just sprinting and entering "Quick K-drive mode". I like the way how we can quickly go into operator mode and do something different, so having quick K-drive access with new possibilities would add even MORE possibilities : D So what kind of abilities? there can be done several ideas, but to show it up here is an CC example type of ability: Of course all can be changed depending on what DE is going to do with that. Maybe I'm missing something, or maybe someone will get a better idea from this one. Cheers.
  2. Well in every new Warframe I see the problem: It looks fine but the problem is that you have to do something to make it work, while there are many other Frames that are doing the same or something really similar with just ONE button press.
  3. meeeh update for me, nothing interesting and nothing from QoL changes interests me.
  4. It would be cool if there would be some directional attack that push enemies to the sides you want. -Dodge left + swing = swing from left side to right, that push enemies to RIGHT. -dodge right + swing = swing from right side to left, that push enemies to LEFT. Or maybe something like medium attacks (direction+hold attack for half second) So there woudl be Light attack, medium attacks, and heavy attacks. With that you could make an advantage to gather in one ring and then use Charge Attack as finishing move. Dark Messiah of might and magic have that mechanic with directional hit where you can use it to your advantage when fighting against many enemies, for example to not let them attack you in group, or use map environment. All these mechanics in game (I did not read them all of course just basic) gave me 3 years of having fun.
  5. yeah the change is great 😄
  6. Maybe it was fun, in solo mode. But in normal public missions it was just annoying. Stopping your bullets and someone just enters the area and slash them with melee, making all your work pointless.
  7. Well my friend watched streamers two days ago and got statue, I watched streamers two days ago and yesterday, still no statue...
  8. For me it's still broken watched almost all day yesterday and today, just got Forma and no teshin statue/sculpture.
  9. Earlier spores were decaying fast too fast. Miasma helps it a lot Now which is great. But now you made decaying even worst. Earlier 10% per second, now 10% per half second.... this is not good. Makes duration even less needed because the difference between 100% duration and 150% duration is too low. With Miasma spreading spores, the old decaying would be fine. But now it's even worst. Also there sometimes is a problem with lags I guess. 1.Cast spores 2.Kill the target 3.Spores start to decaying, two ticks so you lost already 20% your spore damage. 4.8+ infected enemies 5.???? I cast spores killed the target and spread occur after 1-2 seconds? But thanks to that lost some damage. Spores decaying should have delay if the last spore is removed. 1 sec or 2 second would be great, in case of lags or that enemies aren't spawning in time.
  10. SARYN CHANGES I WOULD LIKE TO SEE AND WHAT I DON'T LIKE: I really hate that Miasma isn't really good like it was before changes(still not useful). It's just good to add viral but thanks to spores it will kill enemies faster which mean it will end spore chain faster, which is a downside. In many cases you wont even use Miasma. It should make that all enemies killed by anything while being affected by miasma duration will spread spores with 100% range also add more damage to spores. For example +10 damage (affected by strength) for every tick (max 10 enemies just as spores).Molt is useless too, without augment it's not helping, it's just useless speed boost for several seconds and some fire draw but that's not enough. Explosion damage should count to spore damage for example and on explosion should hit spores, which mean the explosion will be able to spread spores.Also hate the spores that don't have range spread on kill because I was several times in the situation where I just cast a spore on an enemy and before I managed to charge my Ogris to shoot the target and spread, someone one shot that target without hitting the spore so it did not spread further. At lest 4-6 meters range not affected by power range would be fine OR one cast spore already infects several enemies in 4-6 meters range from the target. So even if someone kill one, you still have 2-3 more enemies that have spores. Also damage falling too fast if spores end the chain.
  11. Defense interception ETC. They made it for purpose, but if that little break on 100% duration saryn will drop spore damage to 0 it is just a bad idea.
  12. Make Molt more useful. Molt just draw some fire but that's not enough. The ability is really good if you are using the augment, but itself it's nothing special. On detonation Molt should deal gas damage and have 100% gas status, and some % damage of Molt should add to spores.
  13. Please don't forget that there is a huge problem with 2 or 3 saryns on the same mission. If one Saryn spread spores, other saryns can't spread spores on these enemies. So each Saryn block each other. If enemies can have 3 spores then why not make that each other replaces one spore, so that each Saryn can have at least one spore on all enemies.
  14. SARYN revisited 2.1 To not change too much. Spore damage indicator shows the damage you deal when detonating them, not the damage spores do. 1.Spores deals only 5% damage per second the indicator shows (20 times lower). If they spores chain ends all gathered damage is stored not removed. If player detonates the spores, spores lose half of the damage stored. Meaning that detonating spores now will be good. Spore damage should be capped at 10K (5% from it is 500 damage per second for spores). Spores can be recasted to another enemies, detonating spores happens by holding "1" (spore ability button). To fix overextended builds being the only real meta, spores should have possibility to spread only to NEW 5 nearest targets (not affected by power strength), meaning that one spore hit will bring maximum of 5 new infected enemies. Overextended builds will be just a nice option. To fix two or three saryn in groups blocking each others, the different saryn spores should replace one of the three spores on each enemy, so all three saryns can spread spores with no problems and they will deal average their damage [(spores+spores+spores) / 3 = average] 2.Molt on detonating add gathered damage to spores counter. Dealing gas damage and have 100% gas status. 3.Toxic Lash stay's the same. 4.Miasma - At first hit after applying Viral status, Miasma deals 100% damage that spores have gathered to all targets, spores are detonated (meaning that targets affected by spores gets double gathered damage). After detonating spores, stored damage is halved. What the change bring: 1. Spores no longer deals massive damage, without detonating them. Spores damage can be stored, not losing them if all spores disappear. 4.After built damage in spores, player can use Miasma to convert that damage into miasma damage dealing 100% damage and double damage to enemies that have spores. Miasma is the main ability to deal the damage. Spores are for building damage for miasma and removing armor.
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