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Penta And Nova's Amd


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Are the Penta Nade Blasts able to prime Nova's Anti-Matter Drop?

If not, is this a bug, and should/will it be fixed?

Also, I've been looking for a penta build that would give me the best AMD priming results. If the un-exploded nade must directly hit the AMD and is the only source of priming, then that's fine. What should I put on it?

You can use this: http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Penta

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1. I don't know if the explosion primes but it can proc head shots if it explodes above the enemy so maybe that means it does count as physical space or maybe I'm talking out of my butt haha~ anyways

2. here is my build as I have it in my inventory // btw, I'm sure you know but with this build it will most likely one shot you if you get hit in the blast //

- two things to mention about this -

1. it's shots are barely effected by accuracy decreases so upgrade Heavy Caliber as much as you want

2. if you add a fire rate mod on rather then a multi shot mod you can get off the same amount of grenedes since the game only allows for 5 to be present in your clip or spawned at a time, which means dps will be no different - but with less points used up.


Hope this helps

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