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  1. After our recent infrastructure upgrades (https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1258399-matchmaking-presence-server-upgrades-complete/), some players are affected by issues with finding sessions via matchmaking or inviting others to their session. This issue is occurring for Tenno on all platforms. This is specific to a particular server in our network, where players who connect to this server are not able to talk to players of other servers. The problem primarily (but not exclusively) affects players who are connecting to the North American West Coast. We do not have a timetable for when th
  2. Players who generate suspicious mission results are automatically forbidden from trading. You don't need to worry about getting in trouble from trading with somebody and receiving something that was exploited by this bug. Though it's always a good idea when trading, to be skeptical of any offer which looks "too good to be true".
  3. With Update 30 we shipped the new Sevagoth warframe. Unfortunately at release there was a significant bug where you could gain far more loot pickups than intended by exercising the frame's "Shadow" mechanic. This led to some deliberate exploition of the bug to gain unearned rewards, but a lot of innocent players also gained unearned items simply through normal gameplay. We do not share details with the public about administrative actions and punishments taken against specific player accounts, but, rest assured that we are going over our records carefully. Extreme results will have their exploi
  4. Thank you for the video, it is very helpful. The fact that you were able to do it solo, immediately from the orbiter, rules out a LOT of possibilities.
  5. We fixed a bug where modular items were submitting data to the profile under the wrong category. New missions from now on should cause the profile to update your modular item's correct entry as expected. We're currently investigating the possibility of correcting previously-submitted data. If successful, players will not need to do anything for their profile to get updated.
  6. We're starved for details on how to make this bug happen reliably. If you can offer anything else at all it might be relevant. Was it the first mission you played, or did you go from mission to mission (Where did you come from?). Was the pulse turbine the first thing you did in the mission, or did you board crewships first? Did you use the slingshot, or operator mode, or get in and out of the station or railjack multiple times? Did you die and respawn? Where you using a frame that had alternative movement modes like Hildryn or Titania?
  7. There does seem to be an issue with the way modular items are submitting profile data. We're investigating, and will have more more information later.
  8. We are tracking this issue and have a potential fix coming soon. As some of you correctly guessed, the issue seems to be that enemy projectiles are able to hit the Tornado and share damage to Zephyr, if the projectiles avoid being deflected by Turbulence on the way in.
  9. We are tracking an issue with this if a player tries to use the Join Warp teleport at the same time as Cy is teleporting them into the airlock. Is that what you are seeing? If your steps are different, a video showing the problem would be awesome if possible!
  10. In fact no! Maximum Lavan Plating Mk3 is 6000 hull. Ironclad Matrix adds 22.5% hull strength. Importantly, your crew members also use your equipped aura. So the total bonus is 22.5% * 4 = 90% bonus if you have 3 crew members. So you get 6000 * (1+0.9) = 11400 hull once everything is tallied up.
  11. At a casual look, dog is following me in mission just fine. Need more information than this. What pet? Where? Is there a video? Does it start out following and then stop at some point mid-mission?
  12. Just to confirm, the Railjack Monument is a dojo decoration. The mail with the blueprint was sent out to warlords of clans where the clan had built the Drydock room before the launch of update 29.10.
  13. The "Range" value shown is the distance within which Tornadoes can spawn while in "seeking" mode. The pull radius of the individual tornadoes is a different value.
  14. Not a bug. You start with full supplies automatically now that each player has their own ammo. If you're seeing situations where you do NOT launch from the dojo with full supplies, that would be the bug.
  15. It's a toggle. Press and hold for a moment to turn on hovering mode. You can then release the key and you will stay hovering as long as you have energy. You can stop hovering by using Tailwind, using melee ground slam, or using Jump
  16. Wish granted! No, this is still present. Tapping Airburst will pull enemies together, while holding the key will blast them outward. zephyr invertia vs wall.mp4
  17. Sounds like you have a Dragon Key equipped in your loadout. Were you running derelict vaults yesterday? You can remove the key from the Gear wheel in the arsenal.
  18. The Bombast instruments come with Octavia Prime as a bonus when you buy or build her, you don't need to acquire the instrument pack separately.
  19. I see this as working. There was a bug where it would fail to latch onto Vomvalysts-- uniquely and specifically Vomvalysts-- but this was fixed in December. I also see the Phahd projectile actively seeking toward enemies on each bounce as long as it can actually see enemies. If you continue to have issues, please make a new report detailing exactly where and how you are trying to use the amp that it fails to work correctly (and remember that a video is worth a thousand words).
  20. Try shutting down anything that might be interfering with Warframe's launch, (like Razer Synapse, Discord, various screen-recording programs). You could also try disabling the Steam overlay by right-clicking "Warframe" in the game list, clicking Properties, and it's a checkbox on the first page. If none of that helps your best bet is to contact Support, and send in your Launcher.log file (found under Start, Run, "%LocalAppData%\Warframe\" )
  21. This was indeed a mistake on our part. We've switched the item to the Prisma version for all our collectors of shiny sentinel accessories. Nothing left but a "I once bought a fish this big" story!
  22. I'm not seeing an issue happen after incubating a pet either randomly or for imprints. Nor after rushing, claiming and equipping the pet. Also tried copying Das_Maning's account since they hit it most recently, and their account works fine for me; there's a puppy ready to claim, and Helminth works whether I look at the puppy first or not. The fact that it sounds like the problem fixes itself after you relog probably means it's very specific to the order of what actions/screens you are using. Would love to get this fixed for you, but gonna need more details about exactly what people are doin
  23. Check the shop again Tenno, there's two different wings. One is a ship decoration, the other is an Ephemera.
  24. Are you sure? According to our logs, you unlocked two rivens at the same time, yesterday, on Cambion Drift. One is for Pennant (melee) and other is for Gaze (kitgun). When I look in your account, both rivens are there and can be equipped
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