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Prices For Stance Mods?



Currently I've gotten a couple of stance mods. They must've dropped during my solo survival runs on Mercury while ranking up some stuff since I never noticed them drop but I noticed that the Trade tab is now flooded with requests for Stances. But most sellers I've seen are selling them for inflated prices, surprising no one ever.

So I'm trying to see how much the stances I have cost.

Iron Phoenix Unranked.

Cleaving Whirlwind Unranked.

Crossing Snakes Maxed.

Fracturing Wind Unranked.

Sundering Weave Unranked.

Or if anyone here would like to buy these off me, let me know.

Also, what benefits do Stances give besides some awkward combos and additional mod points?

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You are aware that those prices are relative and change over time.

One word, Transmute.

Do that and you will be flooded by uncommon stances and even the rare ones.

Transmute 4 uncommons and 4 rares

If you people have no intention on answering the questions, why are you commenting?

i can only answer your last question, just like auros on frames, these increase the total mod points you can spend.

This was already a point I stated if only you read properly.

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ok, since it's available via transmutation and it isn't hard to get but considering not many ppl have them or are willing to transmute then the price i would sell them for wouldn't exceed 15 plat, meaning i would probably sell them for 10.

You wanted a price check on something that i consider common, there you have it.

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