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Can't Login On The Website


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so got lucky on the ingame daily rewards and finally decides to buy platinum

and when i logged in on the site

this is what i encountered...



and there's one thing i noticed... the "Buy Platinum" Panel is gone O.o



but we're already logged in the forums... so this makes me wonder oTL


anyways, this may take a while. (i think)



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Ye the trouble is that the forums have maintained our active sessions whereas the website (atleast for me) never seems to remember active sessions and so requires a log on each time. This combined with the constant DDoSing means any new connections are struggling to pass through. Just gotta wait for it all to pass over.

That said Rebecca said in response to the issues beginning that time based rewards such as boosters will be compensated for with added time when stability is restored, I would assume the same will apply to plat deals but dont quote me on that.

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