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Little Things For The Dark Sector Conflicts


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Just a few things I think would improve the Dark Sector conflicts a bit.

Different tileset

Just pinching rooms from the Void seems a bit off for me. Maybe switch the colourscheme to the one the old dojo used?

Custom in-mission taunts

Being able to customize the little message that pops up when you start a Dark Sector conflict would be pretty neat. Hilarity is likely to ensue. (In before someone sets it to "u wot m8 I bash ur ead in I sware on me mum")

Tenno specters use the loadout of the respective player (with exceptions)

This one might take a bit of work, but what the hell, It's worth mentioning. The tenno specters use the loadouts of their respective player - weapons, colourscheme, warframe and all.


Mods are inactive (Except for Stances and Abilities)

Some abilities won't be used (e.g Mag's bullet attractor, it was annoying when Ruk had it and I doubt it's any different now)

Some abilities are tweaked (e.g Hysteria won't make specter Valkyrs invunerable, and they can't punch as fast)

Some weapons and warframes are banned (anyone using them just won't appear. Weapons and frames to ban are up for debate)

Longer grace period for deployment

Upon the end of a conflict, a clan/alliance will have to wait a day or two before they can deploy their rail, rather than just throwing another one out there the minute the conflict ends.

Nerf Specter Trinity

srsly link is annoying as hell

More nodes?

Two a planet seems a bit.. small. If you can find a way to squeeze in a few more nodes, i'd be grateful.

Go ahead and discuss and add your own little things you'd like to see.

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