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Expanding On Melee 2.0


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So something that's been bothering me about Melee 2.0 is that the non-standard melee attacks (jumping attack, slide attack, wallrun attack) have been left untouched. The fact they have unique names dependent on the stance used even though they are the same move no matter what stance is used feels more than a little cheap.


Plus in actual combat scenarios performing a combo feels weaker than say doing a sliding attack through the enemy.


So, to combat this issue I think it would help that going forward The non-standard melee attacks have combos as well


It doesn't have to be anything major, maybe the jump attack with a stance allows a single follow up attack (with the jump attack as the opening move in the combo) or the slide attack having an additional lunge after the spin. I feel there's a lot of untapped potential with these moves and it helps to create more options and scenarios to use the new melee 2.0 system (plus it actually gives them a reason to have different names in the movelist...)


Also i'd suggest the wallrun attack becoming more viable, currently its almost never used. Maybe turning it into a slamming attack like the jump attack or making it easier to aim at a target.


Any thoughts?


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The different weapons have different animations for the ground attacks is all I've noticed, but yeah all those fancy names seems like a huge waste.

But melee 2.0 isn't finished, it was just the basis for whatever's next. Maybe additional attacks instead of spamming E? Improved dodge mechanic? (Highly recommneded), or maybe an actual stealth system? (Not too important I guess..)

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