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  1. This trend of just deleting classic maps is absolutely terrible. Move them in some cozy corner for veteran fans to enjoy forever. Not sure why you dislike the 'legacy' content so much, even if you priority is attracting new players. Classic Corpus maps were fantastic including Gas City. Overdesigned levels replacing them are meh - a matter of taste maybe but there are ZERO good reasons why not leave both in game, just as the Derelicts. Not only you keep losing touch on what good design is but fail to recognize when something of value is lost
  2. Please fix Deathcbe, we're getting close to a year anniversary of this glitch, oof...
  3. Not even obsessed with this weapon but I have fun with it in certain scenarios and as a player with wide arsenal of powerful gear, Rivens and experience I don't see how Kuva Bramma is universally OP but it sure is FUN. It's popularity should be a hint for making other weapons entertaining and useful, not making Bramma trash. We've seen DE taking candies from babies before, I've witnessed Gammacor aka 'finger of doom' reign for months. This time it's a miss and a sign of poor judgement. Reconsider this nerf and most importantly look at statistics for least used weapons and use creative juices to make them interesting - no lazy slight stats buff or bandaid mod increasing accuracy during aim glide.
  4. WTF, I got over 700 MB patch and 1649 MB Optimize message. What is going on with this game lol
  5. Should this update be 700 MB large?
  6. This Grendel augment should be the part of his ability function. Please fix Dethcube https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1169904-dethcube-and-dethcube-prime-still-missing-shooting-muzzle-flash-effects-more-than-three-months-no-fix
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