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  1. Nothing in selection screen should require hovering over or clicking to check values/extra info. Make icons three times bigger, always colored (no highlight required for full visibility) and add all extra parameters below, including Ducat price.
  2. Increase Riven slot limit to at least 120, please! Everyone will benefit from this at current market state, economy is very healthy so take our plat and let hoarders embrace their madness
  3. Could you also improve general logic of datamass carry and scanner? Currently using scanner from quick slot when holding an object and switching back makes you drop whatever you carry.
  4. Increase Riven capacity to 120 🔘〰️🔘
  5. No Riven slot capacity increase? I doubt these Arbitration changes will increase the mode popularity beyond initial curiosity phase. Focus on polishing melee and keep bug fixes coming.
  6. Why not invest in game mods that are more likely to be fun and not a chore like PvE mixed with PvP? You have all the tools to make your own awesome take on MOBA or battle royale with healthy dose of Warframe flavor.
  7. How about allowing it to work on fist weapons as well for all who purchased the bundle? It would not force to remove it from sparring melee and make more options for those who like go with the theme of "boxer". Please consider, thanks.
  8. Which is weird because we constantly give good feedback and plenty of ideas for mods. They even have founders council to vote on such stuff.
  9. Pilfering Strangledome makes zero sense lore-wise. Does it stack with Nekros, Hydroid and loot Kubrow? How long will it take you to nerf it if it does stack? What are you even doing DE, come on...
  10. Back to stasis Thickthighs, we had a good weekend.
  11. Make separate animations for legs so frames cating in mid-air would have proper look. Nekros floating DJ Desecrate being the best example of current awkwardness. Improving below-the-belt action would be also great for general aiming animation - currently when you shoot and move mouse around, frames slide in place like it's 2005. I think Paragon had great "turning around" movement and it's now free to use their assets so just copy paste it into Warframe and buy them a large pizza for their hard work.
  12. I assume you will bother to read replies so bye and have no regrets. Considering your points, your expectations are way too high for DE current standards and you picked the best moment to leave. The game is obviously disintegrating but it may be too bothersome for you to witness what will be assembled from current broken pieces. Personally I only enjoy few elements of the game and most post 2016 additions are not appealing. Lucky for me, I enjoy Warframe enough to keep me entertained despite a lot of awful mechanics piling, toxic community and childish developers. Good luck and have fun with better games!
  13. Please apply standard placement on prime model, it's my favorite shoulder cosmetic for classic Equinox. Thanks.
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