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  1. Sannidor

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Nice, keep the fixes coming!
  2. After the first shot the barrel pops out and stays in this position for the rest of the mission. Please fix Screen shot:
  3. Any chance for Baruuk's Desolate Hands to get extra effect VS Infested? Following the logic of Loki's Radial Disarm. Also hoping for teaser of first 2019 frame, not a fan of a single current year newcomer.
  4. Sannidor

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    Imagine if this is how DE distribute the ban - Forma count on you Khora bigger than single digit = see you in 2035 Or maybe I should not talk about this either?
  5. Sannidor

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.1.4

    At least we should get a proper explanation in patch notes instead of toxic parenting: "I know what you did, go to your room"
  6. Sannidor

    Can't use Ciphers as operator

    We used to be able to hack consoles and Bursas as operators using ciphers. It's currently impossible. No mention in patch notes. Is it a bug or a feature? I don't even use it that often but the habit it still there and it takes time to adjust. Please clarify, thanks.
  7. Sannidor

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    I really hope new frame will be simple and satisfying to play. No forced internal synergies crafted like something for a MOBA game. No more weird for the sake of weird, no more identity crisis frames. I still have faith, just keep community managers away from creative process
  8. 22X/227 progression reset bug is back. Will this time finishing all the missing nodes be permanent? EDIT: how nice of Hexis guy to inform which nodes are off - it's been entire Derelict set counting as inactive. Please fix it and don't make us replay them for progression after the fix
  9. Please remove Exilus Adapters and Endo from 1k+ awards. I doubt anyone would be happy getting any of these at that point.
  10. Sannidor

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Yeah, no... Not when it matters. Against true heavy hitters our boi will still get wrecked. This makes his big bro Rhino even more meta for being impenetrable - with augments he can accumulate defensive power AND re-cast it with more ease than proposed "heat burst" on Nezha. Also, constant "being hit" animation with red flashes and false sense of danger is very annoying, misinforming and off-putting. This tweak will make him even less popular after the initial novelty factor of rework cools down. Honestly, each "revisited" rework for Zephyr, Atlas and even small touches on Vauban felt like one hit, two misses. I loved Zephyr in mobile defense and interceptions, now her tornadoes are bugged, her new second ability is useless and aiming for slam with bird dive is awkard and glitched as well. Atlas has identity problems, relies on forced synergy and looks like rocky turd with stone skin bits randomly attached, covering fashionframe swag. Vauban needs two/three useful grenades and a turret, not charging ability gimmick. Do we need Mesa nerf to wake up and see DE is on a VERY bad streak of making frames clunky for the sake of it? Most frames AND enemies would benefit from major buffs. Focusing on creating aggressive, relentless enemy units with good AI instead of resource pinatas we currently pop in mass numbers, would require work and dedication which I have not seen from DE in years. PoE got old super fast. It is an empty chessboard with pointlessly wandering pawns. Mediocre game attracts shallow players with small demands and small attention span. Is this the present and the future of Warframe? Forced, wacky synergies and awkward powers designed by community manager? You can do better DE.
  11. Sannidor

    Update 23.7.0 [COMING THURSDAY]

    Any chance for new syndicate mods with good ol' AOE effects? Some weapons are kinda... under performing and beyond saving from even godliest of Rivens.. khem Veldt khem
  12. Sannidor

    All Platform Double Credit Weekend!

    Why not double resource weekend instead? When was the last one, over a year ago?
  13. Sannidor

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.3.0 +

    Whether by Vauban's own CC'ing abilities, or the abilities of others, Vauban can amplify his damage against the incapacitated! Can you please precise what "incapacitated" means and which powers cause "incapacitated" state before we list a bunch of bugs and complains?
  14. Sannidor

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.2.0

    Pressing ‘Enter’ when typing in the Chat window with a game invite open will now prioritize the Chat window over the game invite. This also applies when viewing the Market while typing in Chat. Can we messages separated for each player tab? Replying to one person when you are bombarded by several people at once, all the text displayed together - this happens very often during trading.