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  1. This bugs happens when you rank up in previously max-ranked syndicate, once denominated for supporting competition. Directly after rank up there are three missions available but after finishing any of these two others disappear from both upper-right mission bar and starchart. IIRC this happened to me before but I assumed it happened because I went to relay and picked mission from there. Now I see it is not relay related at all and happens every time you crawl up in syndicates, at every rank. Please fix it, thanks.
  2. As I reported before, It took me a moment to notice so I'm not sure if it was broken by D.Prime release but both sentinels lack shooting effects. For quick comparison, this is an old review video showing nice muzzle flash. It does not seem to be tied to any graphic settings, all current videos I've seen miss muzzle flash as well. In case it's still not clear, here's an example of flash-less Deathcube And my 11/10 Paint recreation of expected muzzle flash effect Not sure what bug priorities you guys have, considering Railjack dust is settled I hope Deathcubes get fixed. Thanks.
  3. Why this keeps happening? When you release new weapon with self-damage first thing you test is this mod working. Is this intended? If so, why are we even negotiating, this is basic stuff so just make it right. The weapon itself is already gimmicky, fix it
  4. Remember first fan melee design contest? Such a win, fun stuff implemented into the game. Remember second melee design contest? Yeah, the one which got ignored and no concepts got into Warframe. I wonder what happened (aside from Geoff being Geoff).
  5. Of course it is infinity more time saving than current Lich roulette but let me point out how this is yet another part of this system which rewards players who quit mid-mission - a sloppy, counter-intuitive design and you should know better at this point. You even actively discouraged RNG ditching by slapping question marks on cache rewards and now we see another silly band aid. To avoid this "quitfest" just add end of mission screen with obtained weapon and allow us to refuse it or accept from there.
  6. Super narrow vertical sliders are horrible. Grabbing them with cursor is a pain, it's always better to just scroll mouse but it's slower than using slider so.... maybe make the interactive part of the slider larger or diamond shaped? Overall, Warframe UI is a compromise between PC and what must work on consoles, obviously making PC experience worse. We need to make optional everything which can be improved on PC for maximum functionality and visibility. I hope Switch players enjoy the game but I refuse to suffer only because someone ad DE decides all versions must look the same.
  7. Thanks for the fixes. Dethcubes are still broken
  8. Can you please for the love of Lotus fix broken effects on both Dethcubes as well?
  9. Same here, waiting for fix. Also, should Operator abilities be disabled in our ships? Not sure if bug or feature. I understand all about new update is fresh and many enjoy challenge of figuring out stuff but boy oh boy, this mode needs a SOLID tutorial.
  10. You should clarify how to place Dry Dock in Dojo. It does not fit anywhere even with plenty of space available. Why there's no official tutorial on how to properly build it?
  11. Still no fix for this and possibly related lack of bullet traces for Buzlok
  12. Still no fix for: It seems to also affect Buzlok bullet traces, possibly related bugs please check.
  13. Still no fix for: Please return Dethcubes to their former glory.
  14. So you made enough money from OP Rivens and don't want to create more OP meta stuff on saturated market so OP stuff will still exist elsewhere as long as it's profitable enough and generates Platinum purchases. Gotcha.
  15. Please fix Dethcube https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1135343-dethcube-and-dethcube-prime-missing-shooting-muzzle-flash-effects
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