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  1. Sannidor

    Host Migration - Sanctuary Onslaught [Fixed]

    Top priority thing to fix now.
  2. Sannidor

    Host Migration - Sanctuary Onslaught [Fixed]

    If only playing in coordinated squad with good host was a temporary solution - but no. Host migrations happen even then and since update 23 it crashes every time, hm occurs, no exceptions.
  3. Sannidor

    Host Migration - Sanctuary Onslaught [Fixed]

    This bug was never truly gone but now it crashes every time for me. I managed to survive a few host migrations a week ago but now it's a death sentence again. I also reported it, let's hope for a fix.
  4. Sannidor

    Host Migration - Sanctuary Onslaught [Fixed]

    It's time to fix it for real
  5. Sannidor

    So... whats the sacrifice?

    I had similar thoughts and it's kinda difficult for me to go into mental gymnastics over what was "sacrificed". I don't feel like "sacrifice" was the main theme of this quest at all. Most players expected to MAKE a sacrifice in the process, not just witness one and contemplate on it... It will be (if not already is) defended as "subtle" and "poetic" by dedicated fans but truly DE is kinda awkward at storytelling but comfortable in juggling red herrings like Balas oversized hand.
  6. Sannidor

    Exalted Weapons: How do you feel about these changes?

    I won't even bother to mod frames I don't use and have not touched for months. At the moment there's too much bugs with augur mods not working on exalted weapons but rivens working, partially sometimes start forma'ing with a purpose. I have less and less reasons to play Warframe overall, I don't like the direction the game is going - both aesthetically and mechanically. Only new interesting, challenging enemies would make me invest time in this game again, not forced upgrading to weird changes.
  7. Sannidor

    UI Redesign: Information & Timeline!

    I don't like changes. Changes are scary.
  8. Still no fixes to host migrations and join crashes on OS and EOS? Even if you return to the ship no buttons work, forced game task termination is the only solution. Nothing is saved when these crashes happen, we lose XP, rewards and time.
  9. Sannidor

    Unjustified Trinity changes...

    Very reasonable suggestions. Since augments were introduced I expected / hoped for Trinity to have more options on builds, preferably on Link. I was not even sure frames have designated staff, like Pablo is responsible for Saryn and Nidus for example... And he recently called Trinity Link damage tactic "cheesy" which baffles me. Instead of polishing and possibly toning down this mechanic he imposes his view and destroys something valuable. It's not even that useful outside of ESO. In other missions it is on pair with many other frames+guns combos. They are not removing self damage, only the damage which transfers to enemies...
  10. Sannidor

    Wanna talk about Trinity + Castanas?

    Exactly. Why is Chroma allowed to do self damage? Why self damage exist at all? Or friendly fire with radiation or by Mirage? Why sarcophagus Inaros can feed of pets to revive? "It was never intended" is such an awful excuse for nerfs.
  11. Sannidor

    Wanna talk about Trinity + Castanas?

    Why not make enemies smarter and more challenging to fight? But that would require real work so let's nerf Trinity instead... because she is too versatile? You know Mirage can kill team members at any moment without radiation proc? You know about synergy between specific frames making them immortal at all time with minimum energy cost? You know about features you have put into the game you also play and about heavy investments people made into Castanas rivens not to mention Trin Prime sets? So Pablo considered it to be "cheese" tactic - after he made Saryn all about her Spores, making her MORE useful in ESO but boring in most other missions. This is another case of overreaction caused by misdiagnose of non-issue
  12. Some ideas from the last melee contest were very demanding to be implemented, would require new animations, interactions etc. However, some were great material for "reskins" of existing weapon categories. At worst, they could become just skins but at least the creators work would be rewarded. Consider revisiting it @DE_Geoff
  13. It's also often a death (forced revive) sentence depending on where you will be placed after host migration. If it caught you during jumping, dashing as operator etc. invincibility similar to post-revive does not work properly. Tapping operator switch is not reliable. Main issue of losing energy is horrible. Unless you play as Limbo and immediately dash, you have no means of reacting properly. This game mode should not punish as hard for host migrations which happen very often, not only by host leaving on purpose. Consider giving everyone 100 energy after HM occurs. It would not be game breaking by any means and save a lot of frustration after already annoying occurrence.
  14. Sannidor

    MR 25 Archwing stuck in the floor [Fix Pending]

    This also happens in PoE. Mostly if you deploy wings close to the Cetus door. Powers did not work for me then, neither '/unstuck' command.
  15. Sannidor

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.5

    How fast would I get banned from the chat for jokes of sexual nature? I guess I will never know, not worth the effort. Double standards though...