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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but Baro boosters are never longer than 3 days. Sortie boosters are also 3 day ones. No mention of Mod Booster as login reward scaling from MR rank or a monthly-long purchasable by Platinum. If you don't consider this pay to win why so many precautions and limitations, including the quoted statement? You want to flood the market with Condition Overload type mods even if it means their individual price drops, then you will count the numbers and decide if you want long term income or go back to rarity causing raising prices. Stacking loot frames un-nerf may also mean more resource boosters purchased because these won't feel as necessity anymore = decent Platinum sink. You are transparent about mechanics of this damage control fix but avoid discussing real issues - Atlas Prime Pack is mediocre and would sell poorly so you tried to make it as lucrative as possible with minimum effort. No primary or secondary primed weapon, mediocre frame with niche use, sentinel which is not-a-Carrier (may be ok but ammo boost and Looter are godly so... no), melee with no range maybe good in Melee 3.0 but currently not so great (maybe it has a gimmick like some primed gear but if so, you should advertise it weeks before to create hype). There's more unerplayed, clunky frames in line to be primed, you need to rework them and pair with interesting weapons. Who is the next frame to be included in Xmas pack? Will it come with Riven Booster and Primed Chamber?
  2. Wow, I had no idea it's capped. That's a bad design, at no point in game it is even hinted.
  3. Melee 3.0 must be reeeealy close because you just don't waste time to fix something so trivial like frontal finishers not working an ALL single swords.
  4. Fix broken frontal finishers on swords
  5. No Vauban on the list, this hints to major frame rework. Nice.
  6. I'm losing hope to see fixes for game bugs which annoy me for months so I may as well chose to be a single issue poster: Any news on Melee 3.0? I really hope Melee 3.0 won't be delayed much longer. Give me Melee 3.0. So many weapons are currently broken, auto-blocking is awful, we need to equip ONLY melee to gain more control on aim glide and deflecting. I'm sure you are very proud of space battle mode and still fueled with Tennocon energy so maybe forge it into polishing melee system before it's left in half baked state for awkwardly long time.
  7. Come on DE, Increase Riven slot limit to 120 !
  8. That's unprofessional. Shy youtuber overdose, maybe?
  9. Can we have a fix for: melee interrupting scanning/fishing not auto-returning to previous activity auto-dropping datamass and other gear if we use Simaris scanner and turn it off from a hotkey operators automatically deactivated after dashing towards ledges and doors
  10. Ruinous Extension still does not work on Gaze kitgun
  11. Clean Wukong's act on his clone with the augment. We need universal way of despawning it. I suggest adding a toggle for clone's actions which also opens opportunity for one or two more commands including "stomp" from the augment.
  12. Nope and nope. You suck at implying. Feel free to take a peek at my game profile.
  13. One thing I like very much about current Wukong is reliable not dying. I guess I will like new Wukong much less. To the point of trying his new kit and allow him to gather space dust. Like Ember. And Nezha. And Titania. And Baruuk. And Garuda. And Khora. And Vauban. And Zephyr. And Hildryn. And Wisp.
  14. Oh no, what are you doing DE... We were right after all, it's super clear you should never delete first season currency. "Intermission" rewards are very mediocre, 10k Kuva is a joke. I don't expect full transparency, maybe you have problems community should not know about but we need more stuff injected into the game as well as new regular updates to Zaw/Kitgun parts and maybe weekly events on top of Nora. KEEP IT FRESH, KEEP US ACTIVE. Maybe you are already in Tenncon mode but at least fix broken UI and rethink your release schedule strategy.
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