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  1. Found same bug, took me a moment to realize it's Mire exclusive, or at least dozen of other weapons I tested so far are not affected. Shared it here for visibility: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1236078-deimos-arcana-bug-report-megathread-read-first-post/?do=findComment&comment=11938913
  2. Jumping melee disables use of melee completely on Mire sword. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Jump, use Mire melee in mid-air VISUAL: unnecessary REPRODUCTION: jump, use melee a few times in the air EXPECTED RESULT: ? OBSERVED RESULT: ?? REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%, I tested it on frames like Titania - entering 4th power allows for melee use, returning to standard mode = still broken. Death resets the bug but it still reappears after jumping melee.
  3. Can we have an official statement on mods equipped on Deconstructor affecting melee stats, including Garuda's talons? Just in case you forgot about this factor and leave it untouched for... too long. Please don't.
  4. So everyone has their "favorite" unfixed bug apparently. More over a year at this point. Big yikes, DE...
  5. Can you PLEASE make sure this time the "smallening" update does not require to be downloaded in one gulp? Game's launcher refused to save download progress last time around even after small hiccup from patch server. This resulted in countless players being locked from the game for days. It's not about our connection speed, it's about you triple checking if the process is stable. Thanks.
  6. Please consider removing stagger effect from Zakti clouds AOE. It's not only annoying but defeats the purpose of this weapon's gimmick. Thanks for your hard work, keep it up.
  7. Alright, I'll be of no help here for now, I gave up on trying update with my system, downloaded it at my buddy's place. First I transferred my Cache folder to his HDD, then copied updated files back to portable memory and finally onto my SSD. It still took almost 11 hours for 9GB, slow servers maybe? It seems to work fine for me now, hopefully another part of "ensmallening" won't be as troublesome. PS I got usual welcome back greeting with 75% discount on Plat. Thanks, DE
  8. Good God, this is SO OUT OF TOUCH with what the game currently offers as means of destruction I'm almost out of words to describe my disappointment. Marked For Death was a symptom of a disease DE fails to cure with proper medicine. Should I shove much more broken builds under your nose? Will you nerf them immediately or will these stay untouched for months, years - who knows at this point? Why are players forced encouraged to negotiate with developers on such basic issues? MFD was not useful for advanced players in most situations where efficiency is a priority. Ironically,
  9. Now that you already implemented rushing frame sacrifice with plat, consider adding an alternative - maybe a craftable item with same effect to balance the pay to rush gap you created? Why would it matter even if such item had 24h or longer crafting time? Because especially newer players could have them in advance to enter Helminth system more fluidly once they are initiated. In current state it HEAVILY DISCOURAGES EXPERIMENTING. Sure, one can watch Youtube guides or ask for advice but it's not optimal way of experiencing content.
  10. From my experience saving Cache.Windows files backup on a flash drive saves time during wiping out and reinstalling Warframe. I did it a few times and after allowing installer to create around 100 MB I was always able to stop the process, overwrite content of Cache.Windows folder and restarting launcher was able to recognize all files and only launch latest update if necessary. Currently game does not seem to save progress point if it's aborted by error or manually. Still waiting for proper fix.
  11. I'll wait one more patch for another update attempt, this "trimming" patch is impossible to download and somehow it increased files required from 7 to 9 GB. Not only download speed is atrociously low but It broke multiple times with various bugs, too many to be blamed on one factor.
  12. Alright, I followed the advice of switching off "bulk" as well and it got worse for some reason, looks like it put me to pre-HOD state, possibly? The weight of files required make zero sense, what is even going on oof... I also got redirected to: https://www.warframe.com/en/iofail before seeing this: https://imgur.com/hCFz2Qi [img]https://i.imgur.com/hCFz2Qi.jpg[/img]
  13. Yep, the launcher is bugged. Losing my patience with all options tested. I read Steam client is even more affected, forcing whole game to be re-downloaded. I warned people this "trimming" can be poorly handled but did not expect such a mess. Waiting for reliable fix, not motivated to return to regular play sessions though, what was it - a first part of "trimming trilogy" announced? Yikes!
  14. Come on, there's 99% chance your main reason for MR change is feedback reminding you how excluding this is for new players. I disagree with this line of thought but it's not rare and it will never stop surprising me how instinctively dishonest you are about most simple things, Jesus Christ... 😡
  15. This trend of just deleting classic maps is absolutely terrible. Move them in some cozy corner for veteran fans to enjoy forever. Not sure why you dislike the 'legacy' content so much, even if you priority is attracting new players. Classic Corpus maps were fantastic including Gas City. Overdesigned levels replacing them are meh - a matter of taste maybe but there are ZERO good reasons why not leave both in game, just as the Derelicts. Not only you keep losing touch on what good design is but fail to recognize when something of value is lost
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