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  1. It took a while to register but ATM the process was smooth for me. Thanks for nice skins, especially Ogris needed one, still hoping for classic look to return one day.
  2. ...or even visible in Inventory? I imagine many players would be tempted to purchase if they could at least look at the models not applied on other players in missions. It's such a bad marketing move to limit this feature for so long
  3. Found same bug, took me a moment to realize it's Mire exclusive, or at least dozen of other weapons I tested so far are not affected. Shared it here for visibility: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1236078-deimos-arcana-bug-report-megathread-read-first-post/?do=findComment&comment=11938913
  4. Jumping melee disables use of melee completely on Mire sword. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Jump, use Mire melee in mid-air VISUAL: unnecessary REPRODUCTION: jump, use melee a few times in the air EXPECTED RESULT: ? OBSERVED RESULT: ?? REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%, I tested it on frames like Titania - entering 4th power allows for melee use, returning to standard mode = still broken. Death resets the bug but it still reappears after jumping melee.
  5. Can we have an official statement on mods equipped on Deconstructor affecting melee stats, including Garuda's talons? Just in case you forgot about this factor and leave it untouched for... too long. Please don't.
  6. So everyone has their "favorite" unfixed bug apparently. More over a year at this point. Big yikes, DE...
  7. Can you PLEASE make sure this time the "smallening" update does not require to be downloaded in one gulp? Game's launcher refused to save download progress last time around even after small hiccup from patch server. This resulted in countless players being locked from the game for days. It's not about our connection speed, it's about you triple checking if the process is stable. Thanks.
  8. Please consider removing stagger effect from Zakti clouds AOE. It's not only annoying but defeats the purpose of this weapon's gimmick. Thanks for your hard work, keep it up.
  9. Exactly, a basic forward teleport would act as "blink", targeted one is fine if not for the glitchy finishers, mostly against infested (because some weapons have no finishers required etc.)
  10. A simple teleport forward without requirements would be more acceptable, even at higher energy cost if no enemy is present. Teleporting to objects as it is looks like a bug embraced in development process. Fixing finishers on teleport augment would also be nice.
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