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Some Cool Ideas For Nyx To Fit In Here Theme


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I have though for quite some time how to fix Nyx's second skill and i think i got a solution. Or rather solutions.


1- Mind Control: I love this skill, its pretty fun but not without its unintended Drawbacks. Basically you turn an enemy into an ally, this is a good skill to control single minded foes like Heavies and Infested who all they know to do is to just rush and kill, but whit "higher intellect" Enemies it can be a pain to control. Problem is their AI gets pretty messed up when you control them, sure if they have enemies in sight they will attack but once they are down more often tan not your new pet will just stay there either looking around like an idiot or get behind cover and do nothing, like its waiting for someone to come, exept for the infested the bastards will run all over the place looking for a prey.


The best solution would be to give them a smarter AI, kinda like the Rescue target (the new and smarter one). When you mind control a foe that pet should follow you and protect you wherever you go, if you get to cover he/she will be near you so he/she takes the bullets instead of you, if you move to the next área your pet should follow closely, this would turn your mind controlled pet into an actual active ally instead of just a bullet sponge that stands there and does nothing. Also why not making them a bit more agressive when cotrolled, cant count how many times i controled a Helion just to have him lean behind cover and just stand there while im getting shot from different angles.

Ths could also open up a more in depth strategy into Nyx mind control, SHould i control that Healer to keep our team patched up? or should i control that Helion to have some more cover fire from above, or maybe i should control that SHield Drone so my team and the cryopod get a pretty buffed shield.


2- Psychic Bolts: they fly, they miss and when they hit sometimes they damage and others they dont. Its an usless skill i tell you compared to her other skills but i think i know how to fix it.

what about this: "Nyx sends bolts that home in enemies minds, enemies affected by it are forced to slam their faces on the ground taking damage and stunned for few seconds" there a skill that fits Nyx's psychic theme and its hilarious to watch, but heres the catch: "If the enemy hit is affected by Mind control they are unafected but the duration is increased depending on how many bolts hit them, Extra time increased by mods. The bolts focus on Mind controled targets if shot in a crow and the extra time cannot surpass the original skill duration". This coupled whit a smarter Mind control pet would make Nyx a true mentalist, mind@(*()$ everyone around her.


Just my two cents on Nyx, probably my fav Warframe of all time. This changes should release Nyx's potential as a mentalist support Warframe who is also able to hold her own pretty well. What you guys think.

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on 2: why not just put a 100% radiation status effect?
→it has dmg, accuracy loss and sometimes hit ally
technically if a bolt homes into your mind you dont slam it to the ground, i dont think you would slam your head on the ground or any where when you have a headache(it doesnt make sense at all)

on 3: ii dont think there is a problem on absorb, it can eat any bullet(including friendly fire) and returns a collected dmg + a base dmg AND you are invulnerable while in absorbing state. what's wrong with that? NOTHING. want to move while in meditating state? get a loki to swap you or valkyr to pull you. conflict on chaos vs absorb? cast absorb before casting chaos or get djinn and install fatal attraction(yes when they aim for the slug the bubble covers its &#! for it)

making nyx a one woman army is not a buff, warframe is team game after all.

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2- but they are Psychic Bolts they dont have physical mass they just control your mind and forcé you to slam your head on the ground.


3- Im not asking to move or.. wait Valkyr can pull you while meditating? gonna writte that down for a sec.... ok the only thing i said was to enemies under chaos to get close so even ranged foes would get in range and not run away, i just though it would be cool.


Im not planning to make Nyx a one Girl army, i just want her skills to have synergy whit each other and making the bolts actually useful.

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2→when i read this request it seemed like making another animation sequence and events on trigger so i thought why not use what is already in game
other thatn that thought, well yeah its a S#&$ty skill for now

3→chaos meant CHAOS so... as AI predicts theyll move away from each other while shooting or use riffle butt hit if they are too close to each other
so as ive said why not just absorb and not use chaos before absorb or wait for chaos to run out before absorb?

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