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  1. ye i was thinking specific mobs can be bane of specific warframe skill. it doesnt need to be 1 shot it just needs to break the skill for a few seconds and deal some damage like the eximus that drains all your energy on touch
  2. but the survival missions suggest they still need the oxygen tho edit: sorry. this was already pointed out
  3. we can assume the frame doesnt have scent but the equipment you bring should also we can assume the frme doesnt have scent but shouldnt it pick up a scent from being everywhere and not being washed? (idk i havent seen a warframe bath in the orbiter, lol)
  4. Ever since grineer kubrows were introduced i expected them to attack me even in invisible mode. Did i expect too much? edit: im fine if concensus didnt like to have invisibility be nerfed by specific units. i just thought the game is too easy(most of the time) for inivible frames specially since even boss units cant see or has not anti invisiblity moves
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