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Lovely New Worlds


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DE.. please.. We appreciate everything you do, but you are being far too nice to us at times.


What are these moving platforms in Ceres maps for? What do they add to gameplay, other than making us wait for the thing to change location and then go check it's there, as the marker doesn't work normally? We know you are great programmers, we didn't need another proof at all. We believe you can make things move, now please.. You know we have to grind a lot, you made sure we do. Can we at least do it without all the unnecessary fuss?


There's little fun in killing another hundred of mobs at the same map in exactly same manner.. DE, have mercy, don't make it even worse.


Ah.. forgot to mention, you can also easily get stuck in those 'advanced' maps, which of course means the mission failing and all your effort going in vain. Really nice too.

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Give them a break for now. This week must be tiring for them.


Well.. That's the matter actually. Yes, I am being emotional, for the maps are glitchy beyond reason (particularly because of the platforms), and missions fail often because of those glicthes, which is a real pain.. But why would they waste their precious time on the stuff at all? Just to look 'cool'? The maps wouldn't lose anything should there be no moving platforms at all. It's nothing but an annoyance.

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