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Update#: Low Hanging Fruit


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"low hanging fruit"

Stuff that is already in the game, old, and needs updating, and about a years worth of ideas floating around for them already.


Should DE just go in and start fixing a lot of nasty little problems instead of burying them further and further with new stuff while they can still see out of the hole? Eve online did this basically for 8 years tell they finally made a concentrated effort to go back and rebuild many things from step 1. "Jesus features". A new flash in the pan mechanic to save the game and pull in new people, at-least for a little while. Then it took them ages to ever come back to them and expand on the concept after initial fixes.

The problem is everyone craves these new concepts, and for every one they add. Its just more they don't have time for as they cant possibly keep every feature updated. Oh there are plans. There are always plans. Yet just like the latest installment of dark sectors. How long will it take to get to a point of suitability that everyone just excepts it as is because there is a new feature to grind on.

Could the player base ever except, intermediate updates that don't offer anything truly "new" but actually rebuild old mechanics?


Dojo one of the first jesus features, decreasing member sizes, hall updating without a mess of extra halls. The want to be there and a reason to even experience the new rooms for more than 5 minutes.

Key locked missions, the mess that is recruiting channel and chat ui functionality.

Equipment dependent missions and events. No UI to show what others have so players constantly screw with each other.

Ancient old weapons and frames still cost more plat than newer gear.

Old mods that serve no purpose from power creep.

Suit powers filling up drop pools.

Beginner mods that should be part of the new player experience but located in places like void.

New player experience as a whole. Been on the table for months, but needed if you ever expect to keep new players.

Many other things people can list.

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