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Ps-Vita Chatter, For Those With A Li'l Time Without The 'net.


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My PS-Vita arsenal includes FFVII, FFX HD, Persona 4 Golden, Toukiden, Gravity Rush, and Destiny of Spirits.


Any recommendations? Looking mostly at Muramasa, Borderlands 2 (soon), among others. Big RPG/Story focused gent who enjoys a good bit of action or two, however I don't enjoy puzzles nor Quacamelee.



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Trigger Happy Havoc (Dangan Ronpa)

One of my all time favourites, back when it was released on PSP. If you're into crime-solving/drama stuff wth a funky twist, you might enjoy this as much as me and my friends did.

Just prepare a set of nice headsets/earbuds and this game alone will carry you through a good deal of your trip.

(If you decide to pick it up, avoid spoilers at all costs for maximum enjoyment).

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Dissidia Duodecim

Great choice!


I'm at 600 hours and counting. One of the greatest games I have ever played.


Which characters are you planning on using?

My mains (in order) are Jecht - Squall - Yuna - Kain

Jecht is really hard to use, but he will absolutely demolish anything once you're skilled with him.

Squall has ridiculously powerful combos, and one of the most insane Ex Modes you can find. (can wipe out 1500 bravery like it's nothing)

Yuna is great at keeping people away from you. She has a great Ex Burst as well.

Kain because...Well...He's Kain.


Have fun with Dissidia. It will keep you entertained for a long, long time.

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Can you get FF Tactics on there?

Yep! ^-^


PS1 Classics

PSP with variety

Some PS2 remakes

And even some games can be cross-played pseudo Wii-U to the PS4/3

(Maybe mistaken on the last bit, correct me if I'm wrong.)


EpicD, have you played Toukiden: Age of Demons? Kinda Monster Hunter-y, point is the team released free skins from the SS series!

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