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Misguided Shots And Hit Detection?


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     im not sure if its on my end or the game's but ive been seeing some weird hit detection and firing from the enemies lately. when i am in the void and the corrupt lancers/crewmen fire from behind cover (when they lean out) the energy beams seem to fire from a different location than where their gun is currently located (id post a screenshot but can replicate and take one due to server issues).

     Also it seems much harder to achieve head-shots on some enemies. i used to be able to aim at a grineer lancer's head and get a head-shot with ease but now it seems like i gotta pin point it to extreme levels of scrutiny to land a head-shot (i aim at their head but it acts like i shot them in the shoulder or body or something.

    i am curious if anyone else has/is experiencing this or i am just going crazy. (will post screens of first issue when able) 


keep in mind these issues were doing solo runs so internet lag wasnt an issue.

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