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Never mind the name, just think of this:


While talking to a friend, I was also playing FF7, I called the Chocobo's the Master Race. He then said right away "Loki Master Race 2014." So then I started to think "What if a Loki Rode a Chocobo?" Well, that led to another thought that would be even better, "What If a Chocobo wore A loki Warframe Suit?" Ofc the Suit would be modified to fit the Chocobo, but still. I just wanted to know if anyone else thinks that this would be funny/awesome. And no, I don't want this added to the game, for SE wouldn't allow a Chocobo into Warframe (Saddly). Anyway, thanks for reading!

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Sorry to break it to you, but a Lokabo isn't a Loki riding a chocobo. It's the result of a Loki getting a little too drunk combined with a nine-month time skip.


I would think that the Lokabo would be the Chocobo wearing the suit...

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