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I think uprank warframe is easier than uprank weapon. As for me, Xini is good place to farm Affinity. Other than than... ODD with Penta or Ogris, just dont use globe on ODD...


If u have plat, buy boost... Its will help a lot...


Unequip ur sentinel mod than make your sentinel shoot. Dont let your sentinel steal your affinity. I think sentinel kill dont give ur warframe affinity. This need to check.


Spam your ability. Use your ability rather than your weapons often.


As for modding, dont forget to use Aura mod on your warframe so you can put ability mod in unrank warframe.


Well, this is think that I always do when upranking my warframe...

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Do ODD (Orokin Derelict Defense) with a full squad, one must have either Ogris or Penta well modded.

Progress to wave 60+, do that 2 times.

If squad members use different weapons while making progress it's even better (one uses melee only, other guy secondary, etc.), you will receive a true affinity burst from this.

Good way to farm mods, cores and orokin cells at the same time as well.

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I do believe that using powers gives you more xp to your warframe than using weapons.   So spamming powers is faster xp and makes sense because every single time I take all unranked weapons and frame for leveling, the frame always reaches 30 before my weapons even make it to 20. 


But yeah, ODD is a good place to level because you can go as long as your weapon is able to kill the infested before they can kill the pod.   You can take 100% no damage in ODD just by standing on the ledges or poles and just rain down on the infested with AOE weapons.   It's quite boring though, probably the most boring individual mission I've ever played....standing in one spot for 50 waves gets old fast.


So for the most part, I go to apollodorous and level everything to max.  I always do over 30 minute runs.   When I have affinity booster, I can easily level frames and weapons in 2 runs, maybe 3 if the other players are rambos.    If the team stays in the same room instead of running around from room to room, the spawns come extremely fast and that's when the xp mounts up.   But when you clear out a room then go running around looking for more spawns, that's when the spawns slow down.    Overall, it's about knowing how to work the spawns in survival.   Do it right and no other mission will beat the xp you get in survival.   Do it wrong and well, the xp won't be any better than an exterminate mission.

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Here's a good way to level up. I recently (yesterday) forma'd my Excalibur 4 times and Soma 4 times in under 3 hours.

All I did was take part in the Neptune Invasion against the Grineer. Invasions are rush missions and there's a definite spawn so it's fast and XP is abundant mostly due to the high level enemies. Join a random group or if you can get a group of 4 friends to join you, run with them all the way and as cowardly as it is, leech from them especially if it's a 4-man group. I did do my part in taking down the enemies or blinding enemies so my team didn't mind me leeching.


You can get a rank 0 frame or weapon to rank 30 in about 4~5 invasion runs against Grineer if their levels are around to 15~25 range since heavies gives a heap load of XP. But even with lower leveled enemies, invasions are still extremely good for leveling. Do take note that I was using the affinity booster.


An extra bonus would be getting G3-aniki or Stalker-senpai to spawn.



Anyone knows how to unequip a weapon in ps4 version?


You can't. At least not until U13 hits the PS4.

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Elara, Jupiter, is very good due to:


a) Corpus being easy to kill - no armor

b) Corpus being easy to survive against - no hitscan weapons, less bleeds, less damage on missiles and are avoidable

c) That particular level spawns a ton of ArtiMoas, which are worth more affinity than most lesser units.

d) Neural Sensors drop somewhat frequently, 3-4 per run.

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