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Survival Tips



Hi there,


I'm trying to be successful in T3 Survival, but somehow I always fail (I mean, there's always a point when my oxigen is completely gone and I'm forced to go to extraction app. 10 minutes after the beginning of the mission because there's no life support capsule coming or deployed.). I want to achieve more, since I'm forced to play alone, and I would like to get the Prime things as well.


Do you have any favorite gear for Solo survival runs? What weapons and frames do you use and what are your tactics?

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Well I have a few since I solo some survival aswell!

If you want to solo in survival I suggest bringing a frame that can heal/hide(Trinity, Loki, Ash) or both. Another option is Nekros but that's if you really need life support. Half the time Nekros doesn't survive past level 30/40. For weapons I would bring at least 1 really good weapon that can kill most things. This can really be any weapon I mean I have done 40m solo with a loki with a boar prime on ceres. Just make sure it kills higher levels.

Some weapons I would use(Not sure about your mastery rank): Synapse, Soma, Boar Prime, Boltor Prime, Lex Prime, Duel Ichors, Duel Zorons, Marelok, Sicarus Prime(Some times), Orthos prime (I think you need the stance but i'm not sure), and many more. If you are using Loki/Ash then I would make sure you have an invisibility build so you can stay invisible for a long period of time while gaining it back with energy siphon. My typical run would be Nekros/Loki/Trinity. Synapse/Boar Prime/Penta/Ogris. Lex Prime/Marelok/Sicarus Prime. Duel Ichors/Zorons.

Hope that helps!



On a side note, why can't you play online?

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it's tough on T3 survival playing alone. but if you're geared up enough, and you actually get enemy spawns, you'll be alright. Nekros is essential to void and derelict survival, since oxygen drops are somewhat rarer there. so if you can, play as nekros. he can also spawn you health orbs, which are nice to have without a trinity or oberon. my second pick for solo survival would be trinity+penta. as a trinity, you don't need to worry about how close your penta grenades are to yourself, because you're invincible. a good penta will be able to kill everything with one shot for quite a while in T3 survival. plus as trinity, you don't have to worry about taking fire while activating life support capsules. same can be said about invisible loki/ash. as nekros you may want to use terrify or shadows of the dead to draw fire away from yourself while you're vulnerable


there are a few issues that you run into on solo survival: oxygen drop rates, rate of killing enemies, and rate at which enemies can kill you. they're related, but as a nekros, you can spawn extra oxygen without killing extra enemies, so the second part isn't as important. for any other frame, your oxygen drops are directly correlated to the rate at which you can kill enemies, so you have to keep up the offensive. penta will do this on its own, and rhino's roar can certainly help boost your damage to kill higher level enemies. but there's a point where you're taking a lot of damage from enemy fire, even one stray bullet could mean major trouble. trinity doesn't care about this at all. loki and ash can avoid it easier than other frames, and rhino/prime has a nice buffer in iron skin


so nekros, trinity, rhino prime, loki, rhino, ash, would be my solo choices, in that order

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When solo'ing a survival (T3 or otherwise), I usually bring Rhino (I use Prime) or Trinity.  My preference is actually Trinity since after long enough, the Rhino Iron Skin really doesn't last all that long, but having an aoe of some sort is a nice plus, which the Trinity doesn't have tons of.  Sure, there's link, but nothing major.


Weapon wise, it's normally my Gorgon Wraith.  With 6 formas (I know lol), it does some nice damage, and then whatever other weapons I'm leveling at the time.  Corrosive & Cold usually.


The Trinity is a Rage (damage to health converted to energy) type build with low shields.  Duration of Blessing is currently 24 seconds and costs me 60 energy.....which I'm working on, just need some credits for modding.  Keeping both Link & Blessing up, you don't get damaged, and rarely ever knocked down.  In fact, I love when an Ancient runs up to me with Link on and just smacks himself down.


Lasting long also has a bit to do with the map.  If you get that wide open circle area with 2 levels, I find that it's really annoying to keep things going.  Move off to some other rooms to keep them funneling more instead of wasting time with multi-level roms.


There's also the obvious don't hit the life support till 50-60ish since it gives 30.

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