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  1. at35z

    For Fans by Fans Merch Contest!

    I'd love a Warframe tank top!
  2. Steam Play results in that never ending loop that OP is about. It would be really nice of them to fix it. Other workarounds seem to work but I get really low fps for some reason since the latest update. I would love to check out if it works fine with steam but it just loops… 😞
  3. I did the other way with Lutris and it's working absolutely fantastically! ❤️❤️❤️
  4. I did everything according to instructions but when I try to launch it from steam it runs for a second and then immediately closes. I can't even see the launcher or any kind of message, it just stops and steam no longer detects it running.
  5. How? It just keeps crashing and giving me error messages even before installing/updating. What dependencies does it need?
  6. Please release the Sacrifice music as well! It was so beautiful! ❤️
  7. Important question, is this organic?
  8. Good for you, apart from Dex Furis, I successfully missed all the other weapons so far, because I couldn't play that time around. :(
  9. They did literally nothing. What job was good?
  10. at35z

    The Silver Grove: U1.2 + U1.3

    RIP Smeeta Kavats.
  11. at35z

    No Devstream Today!

    That's fine, hopefully things will go right. :)
  12. at35z

    The Silver Grove: Hotfix 5

    Yay, thanks!