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  1. Hi there, So, Conclave has always been the least popular game mode, and there is a reason for it. And not necessarily because it's different than the normal game. Because it has always been imbalanced and basically unfunny. I even hate Teshin himself because he's always been tied to that awful game mode. Over the years, Conclave points were implemented, trying to "balance" the mode, but it wasn't really the best way after all. Now they're gone, and "Conclave mods", nerfed warframes and limited weapon choices are here to keep the balance. Developers overlooked many core problems that are not that complicated to fix. Instead of learning from the winter event Conclave, which was one of the most balanced things we've ever played, and many who don't even enjoy Conclave said it was fun. YOUR ARSENAL SHOULD NOT(!!!) MATTER No matter how much you nerf OP weapons in this mode, 90% of the entire catalog of weapons will still be rendered completely useless by other weapons'/warframes' passive functions and the ability to bullet jump like a @(*()$ fly in the room who just can't find the goddamn window. Some weapons have larger range, higher fire rate, which means if you don't have it, you'll always be weaker than someone else. This is fine in the PvE mode, and WOULD be fine in the PvP as well, IF some of them wouldn't be exclusive or hard to get. Yes, Dex weapons, event weapons are technically mostly free, but if you missed the exact date, you can't get it anywhere else. Also, Primes. Some of them are vaulted, so their relics are not obtainable. Even though they can be traded, they can still become rarer than other things. Here I am with my Akstiletto Prime that for some reason shoots at the speed of snails crossing the highway, and it is a nice example because doing so I also die halfway in, because someone just bullet jumped away and then killed me with a Prisma Skana, which, again, is Baro Ki'Teer exclusive and is really quick for some reason. The balance makes no sense at all. MY WAY TO FIX THIS IS to give everyone the same choice of weaponry. Either make it the only 2, as seen in the Winter event, OR create one specific weapon of every kind and allow only those in Conclave. PLEASE. PLEASE. NO. MORE. BULLET. JUMPS. I cannot stress this enough. This is one of the most horrible things in the world. Bullet jumps are by all means amazing in PvE, but in Conclave it's basically a sin. All I can see most of the times is people jumping around in the air and then one of them gets bored with it and stomps the ground with their melee, after whch the other one kills them because the ground slam animation is slow on that specific weapon or they didn't have a Holster Rate mod to grab a gun soon enough. Do you REALLY want Conclave to be a "Who-can-spam-bullet-jump-more?" competition? If yes, you're in the perfect state at the moment. MY WAY TO FIX THIS IS to simply disable Bullet Jumps, and and literally anything other than simply Walking, Running, Crouching, mayyybe Double Jumps and Wall Runs. OR make the guns useful against always airborne targets. Not to mention that some warframes are also nerfed to the ground while things like Molecular Prime and Hysteria are totally fine for some reason.
  2. Important question, is this organic?
  3. Good for you, apart from Dex Furis, I successfully missed all the other weapons so far, because I couldn't play that time around. :(
  4. They did literally nothing. What job was good?
  5. New Quest: The Glast Gambit Feedback

    This is undoubtedly the worst Warframe quest ever. Please. Rewrite. The entire thing. This is not ok. I don't mind the farming part to get a warframe for free, but this is a Quest, one would expect at least something interesting to happen. Titania's quest was really great. It had interesting lore, I didn't mind listening to transmissions, because they were really interesting, and most importantly: IN CONNECTION WITH THE FRAME. Ergo Glast's voice is hardly audible, and I didn't feel like reading the subtitles because I was busy doing mission stuff. This quest is basically "do the Index over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, then do a spy mission and go back and do it once more, oh and btw we have an important stuff at the end". When Nef wanted a rematch after the final mission, I was literally about to ragequit. This is only worse than Limbo's quest because at least in that case, you get a warframe part bp after each mission. In this case, however, you do all those Index missions for LITERALLY NOTHING. It's not rewarding and just boring as hell. Not to mention that you have to listen to the entire dialogue before being able to click on the mission start button, which sucks if servers kick you out and you have to listen to the entire thing again. In conclusion: Quest lore is really disappointing, it has absolutely nothing to do with Nidus. It's literally just forced Index spam, which is really bad. It would have been much better if it introduced the new mission type for example. You need to do all those missions for nothing, no meaningful reward is given for that much grind. Quest rewards are bugged, I didn't get the "Mumblers" drawing, it shows in my Inbox but I only have 4/5 in my inventory.
  6. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    All the new Blade Storm needs is a target counter on the HUD. Just so I don't waste my precious time using my 4 merely to kill 1 or 2 targets after my team took care of the rest I previously marked.
  7. The Silver Grove: U1.2 + U1.3

    RIP Smeeta Kavats.
  8. No Devstream Today!

    That's fine, hopefully things will go right. :)
  9. The Silver Grove: Hotfix 5

    Yay, thanks!
  10. The Silver Grove: Hotfix 4

    Perfect! Thank you!
  11. Status Thread: Specters of the Rail (SotR)

    It's the junction node test you have to do before unlocking a new planet.
  12. Status Thread: Specters of the Rail (SotR)

    Thanks, DE! Communication is greatly appreciated as always!