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Melee 2.0 Rocks, U13 Rocks


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DE rocks again.

Warframe rocks again :)


Was really near stopping playing. (nerfs, skill changes  (ember skill 2, frost), nerfs,  ....)

But at the moment it looks DE is moving in the right direction.


love the new melee 2.0 :) (yes mod drop is fine, no need for free give away with new weapon)

love channeling.

love infested back on map


after all the negativ words I thought its time for a possitve thread :D  


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Well i wanted mele 2.0 and i got it..



it gonna be pretty good, cause it's obviously not finished


UP13 itself is a place holder


the hype made them rush stuff and ofc its not finished


i am fully ok with this , i even wanted it , before


I still see it as a beta tester of unfinished product



Releasing it bit by bit , would been more wise but well, Hype won


lol no it's actually bit by bit, it gonna be way more awesome

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