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When Will Ps4 Get Update 13?


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See my thing is in my opinion Warframe is the only good game on ps4 so it sucks that after a while of the same thing over and over I get bored so I really want that update so I can try something new plus ever since I got warframe in November I've been emailing De about a water warframe so im dieing to finally use the warframe I wanted from the start of when I first played this game

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DE hasn't even submitted the build yet, so yeeeeaaaa


At least they didn't tell us they did, but i see no reason for them to send it in, and not tell us. In fact it's the only thing they ever communicate with the PS4 users with on a "regular" basis. 


I blame SONY for the 1-3 week wait for the cert. But DE not submitting it yet... how is that SONY's fault? lol


There seems to be ALLOT of issues on PC with U13, so until those issues are finished with, don't expect a nice little thread from Rebecca saying they sent it to cert. Which brings me to the conclusion, that DE seems to be laser focused on getting PC sorted, that I don't see how they can further optimize the PS4 version to fix the frame rate issues.


So yet another build where content trumps performance. I'll wait and see, but I don't expect much in the way of optimization. Instead we get a direct port from PC. 


Megan said they were going to have a couple hotfixes before U13... waiting to see what those fixes do as well. Assuming they tell us what they fix, or even if the hotfixes were deployed. 

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I'm losing interest in warframe due to lack of console player love.....

Yeah same here, along with a few other reasons that were already mentioned.... being overly repetitive, frame rate issues, getting pc's "sloppy seconds in a doggie bag" in terms of in-game items, and to be honest I just can't see the PS4 ever being on equal terms with the PC version of the game. I've showed my support for Warframe by purchasing both the Ember Prime and Rhino Prime Prime Access... and what do I as a PS4 player and contributor get in return? The things I mentioned at the beginning of this response... Delayed updates, poor game play and "hand-me-down" weapons and frames.


Would I like to see exclusive high end weapons, items and such for us that support the game on the PS4, hell yeah !! Will that ever happen I seriously doubt it !! It would probably cause an uproar with PC gamers if we got something really nice that was exclusive only to us. So with that being said, since I can't get equal priviledges for my money DE will not be getting anymore of my money. I will more than likely occasionally continue playing until some more titles hit the Playstation 4. Until then I will just sit back and let the PC gamers continue to fund my entertainment... because I refuse to continue giving my financial support.

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