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Just A Few Things.


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First being new here I'm not even sure this is even the right place but my opinion like anyone else is worth posting. PS4 right now I feel really gets the crap end of the stick as far as attention but that rant is best suited for another time and place.


A few things I thing need to be changed:


1. Log in Rewards [Please I'm so sick of Banshee research.] Please add new things and cycle out the old.


2. Drop Rates need to be fixed in Tower's 1-3. Tower II is the biggest problem every time I run it 20 min Paris prime bp. NEVER FAILS! Another thing please change up the drops I think it's about time for a shuffle. Add rare mods to ODD or something. A fresh change up I think is needed or at least a thought.


3. Mastery Rank Points [Weapons-Warframe and Sentinels only] THIS needs to be changed. I dislike the idea that I gotta keep wasting credits for crap weapons just to rank up just to get mastery points. There needs to be more options besides this or if there is please tell me or point me in the right direction boosting weapons is getting old. 


4. Credits-Recourses GET RID of this crap in Towers please it's not what I go there for. I want cores and bp's. If i wannna get credits and resources there are places for this. Tower 1 Survival dropping the same key is really a waste of time. It's cool in a way you waste your time literally farming for something that will never drop and 20 min mark guess what you get your key back. Come on there's some twisted logic in this idea.


5. PS4 NEEDS ATTETION BADLY!!!! Towers mission lag is getting worse and worse. The screen shakes so bad you cant play you just have to stand still for 10 minutes in hopes your game wont crash which 99% percent of the time it does. Missions are also getting worse.


6. Chat needs to be fixed the spam is getting worse and worse, I have no issue with "Team Ninja" but for all that's unholly this needs to be stopped. Everyday all I see is these people spam the crap out of the recruiting and region chat with the same re-posted post’s. Trading is just as bad it's nothing but spam same person same post over and over.


7. KICK BUTTON!!! - I cant tell you how bad we need this, I get so sick of recruiting dumb A** people who ruin survival’s or just stand in a corner and let the rest of do all the work there needs to be fix to this.


8. Stalker - Make him harder or have different weapons already. He's honestly a snooze fest, I've claimed my prizes from him all 3 dropped months of waiting but now I don't even wanna be marked it's useless. I'm at the point now where I avoid bosses that get stalker marks because he's that dull now.


9. Iron Skin on Rhino, Did I miss the memo he got buffed or nerfed? or am I missing the post where now his iron skin has to be spammed now? I run tower missions I notice now I'm losing his skin much quicker than ever and I have to spam his iron skin way more than ever. Which sort of shy's me away from using him the lack luster skin now is what I refer to it now.


10. Warframe Ability’s causing crashes biggest offenders are Vaubun and Zephry. There ability’s cause major issues in ODD and Zephry's Tornado's are like a plague you run a mission with her using that ability forget about may as well die fail and try again the screen shaking is terrible and wicked on the eyes.


11. Clan Emblems added to market- I feel this would be a neat addition both buy able and researchable. Sort of a nice addition to the warframes having different one's to have or get as a reward from invasion's anything just to add something different to the game.


12. In game challenges - Hacking something that isn't there ODD is the biggest one with this you start see it and there's no way to complete it this needs to be looked into.



Lastly I know a lot of you will bash me or claim this or that but look I'm an adult with a simple opinion. These things I notice or just feel should be changed or just take notice. Thanks for your time if this is in the wrong place that’s my fault again I weren’t sure where to put this.

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