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  1. Please fix what's broken!!!
  2. Dumb question no new augments? We have to wait right? And this update is what I call a buffer update it's nothing but something to hold people over till something actually worth our time arrives.
  3. This will be the first prime pack I'll pass on sadly, I cant support this warframe. I'll defenilty get the booster pack love 90day boosters! But this will be the first prime I've EVER farmed since Mag years back.
  4. Owner and Founder of {Trans In Tenno Armor} Ghost clan. Small group keep to our selves and no drama. Been looking for an active alliance but with no luck I understand "Transgender" is a huge sway for people but come on. Anyway tried on ps4 but no luck just rude people. Hoping I can have better luck here.
  5. Asked a few times shall I again? Whats the status of the braton and lato vandals? Nothing has been said about it in awhile.
  6. Firstly I'm not in any sense of the usage 'friend' no! Second simply was asking a legit question regarding such news. But as it simply appears as a miscommunication.
  7. So miscommunication or something for the dev stream? Because they said it's possible coming soon hopefully next week I'm confused?
  8. Biggest is the aiming just feels off. I'll check my settings later but after the update a lot of stuff seems broken but I just hope there are fixes for these issues sooner then later.
  9. What in the heck happened to the game, visuals are way too bright shooting an aiming forget about it. It's like I'm in borwing the motion sickness is real. Please fix it I can't play the game anymore dizzy and instantly not feeling it. Bonus tenno gen you really came through very nice!
  10. Only question is concerning baro, will be able all day of the event or just a brief window of time? I'd be more inclined to support this if I knew more info regarding his visit. I work so I don't wanna purchase this and end up missing baro because he's only gonna be around an hour or so.
  11. The event is over now I can invite anyone who's still interested. Remember read the post above and look forward to meeting you.
  12. I think the phrase told you so falls perfectly on this subject PS4 is plat hungry community. Anyone who pays for it is a fool free should be the case unfortunately on PS4 your not going to get that lucky.
  13. This event has been the most grind-est event since Breeding grounds. And that's saying a lot. Because that event wasn't fun and or didn't make sense. The whole 10% thing really doesn't make sense and the whole scoring system is rubbish. I'm a solo ghost clan and I barely got the points I needed no stays past 30 making it incredibly difficult to get a good score. Once this is over I'll be happy and good riddance to this rigged event!
  14. Emblems aren't appearing in game or on the clan or alliance screens. Any eta on a fix for this?
  15. 1.2 gigs for anyone wondering