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  1. Renown Collection: Available Now!

    So nothing new just recycling old things disappointing!
  2. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    Good riddance to trials honestly I hope they stay gone for good.
  3. Coming Soon: Devstream #106!

    I’ll keep asking and get no answer but eta on braton and Lato vandals????

    Okay feedback on the new unvaulted relics, I think it’s extremely unfair I myself dislike Cetus very much running the missions isn’t rewarding it’s tormenting. Locking it behind this wall just isn’t wise and is only going to push people to Pay to win not actually enjoy the core grind that is Warframe. Logically placing the relics let’s say in derelict instead lovely why? Gives people a reason to go and play a fun title set and run vaults at the same time OR just spread them out next time remember new players are key vets we are used to the find and grind. So lastly please don’t do this again it’s not fun more going to add to the already core grind their are so many people like myself that just don’t like playing Cetus so consider that much plus we’re used to grinding certain levels or mission types for relics. Please reconsider this position!
  5. Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

    Very pleased with these changes balanced and the despair finally got a buff rejoice!!!
  6. Coming Soon: Devstream #104!

    Same as always any news on Braton/Lato vandals????
  7. PS4 booster pack 2?

    Here’s the official link from PlayStation https://blog.us.playstation.com/2017/12/27/playstation-plus-free-games-for-january-2018/
  8. PS4 booster pack 2?

    Booster info when is this coming it was supposed to be live yesterday according to PSN but it’s nowhere to be found?
  9. PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1 (+hotfixes)

    Question why isnt vor prizes marked completed yet ? It’s been like this for a few years and I remember Steve saying that was going to be fixed an still shows up in the codex as fuzzy.
  10. PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1 (+hotfixes)

    Did I miss it no Glass frame nerfs?
  11. Coming Soon: 2017's Final Devstream #103!

    I think what needs to be discussed is the US net neutrality, I mean potentially everyone who plays now won’t be able to soon. So what’s the plan if this goes the way it looks? People who have boosters will loose them and much more. So again what’s going to happen to the USA player base IF this goes the way it will? last question is about the Braton and Lato vandals any news or eta??
  12. Tennobaum gifting center

    ETA dojo Christmas decorations??????
  13. Few gripes 1. Resource boosters don’t work for the boss fight which I believe it should in the future. 2. Boss fight huge FPS drops every game if at all possible to fix that would great. 3. Maxed rank frames please it’s not fair to people actually trying to accomplish a goal when someone is bringing a new frame into an event. 4. rewards add more next Time more variety I finished and collected every I needed day 1 sort of leaves you wanting more from the event. 5 . clan trophy excellent idea!!!
  14. FPS still bad, fixes for Cetus none ugh this update is filler till what?
  15. Floating Mesa Peacemaker Bug [Fixed]

    This is also on PS4