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Fix Survivals Please


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The way to get consistent life support is to be able to kill enemies relatively fast, not super-duper-punch-of-kill-everything fast but just that each grineer should take you about 2-3 seconds to kill, once they start to scale up they become harder to kill cause they get health boosts every so often, so the time it takes to kill one starts to increase to the point that you are generating an inefficient amount of life support modules


But those aren't really your main concern because most of the time the Life support Capsule will always be more constant, whereas those life support modules serve as a buffer for the time in between capsules.


You should trigger a life support capsule every time life support reaches 60% so if there is a shortage in capsules, then you at least have enough time to farm up the modules as best you can to keep trucking


You can also bring a nekros with you as he can increase the mod drop from any individual enemy


Final say: You should also play with more people as enemies double for each member on your team


Also survival is not bugged you need to play it smart

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I've noticed that particularly in T3 survivals, enemies don't spawn nearly as much as they should, and the life support pods don't spawn in as much as they should either.


Makes it just that much harder to the that Rhino Prime chassis when you can't even get past 20 minutes.

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Mobs don't drop S#&$ for life support. Maps spawns are so rng



If you are alone its worse, not only they wont drop pods but also appear less enemies than with a team. 


I was playing survival at Phobos, looking for morphics, and had to go after 15 minutes because there were no pods and Lotus was not sending life support. I was alone, since few people plays on Phobos (Naruto fanboys dont go there, its too hard for the crying babies). Got one morphics only. 

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