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Blocking Laser/magnetic Doors



It seems that with some weapons I can block and pass through trap doors without taking any damage or losing any shields/energy...but with other weapons I still get drained?


Was this an update that I missed or....?

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This might indicate that the arc in which they block is different. Weapons that can not go through probably only block enemies directly ahead, or within a narrow cone in front of you. A weapon that can go through may have a very wide arc where it blocks from the sides as well.


I'm not at home to test. Does it seem that larger weapons block better? If I'm right, I would expect a staff or polearm to go through but a single sword or dagger / dual daggers probably would not go through.


IIRC, the damage and effect of the laser doors actually comes from one side and travels across the door. Try turning to face left, and then try again facing right. Doing this could let us actually measure the blocking arc of different weapons.


This is a VERY speculative post. Please don't quote this as confirmed info!







When I get home from work I'm totally testing the crap out of this in a solo game.

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This might be a little off-topic but recently I haven't been able to slide past laser doors unharmed.

In the past you could do a knee-slide and pass right through the lasers unharmed. Now it doesn't seem possible, at least for me.

its like that now if u dont got those mods equipped to you. or you go thur the lazers and then eat dirt on the other side.

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