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Are These Blue Zeros Correct? Or It's A Vortex Bug?


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(first of all, excuse me for my english)


If I understand it right, blue numbers are for shields, and infested have no shields right? So how can I see these blue numbers, and they are always zeros?


Mission: ODD.
I have noticed it only occur under vauban's vortex influence. So it might be a vortex's bug.


Sometimes is a continuous damage, in the ticking times vortex does damage.

(on a Eximus)



(on whatever is inside that vortex)




Sometimes is when a penta's grenade explodes.







So, are these numbers correct or its a bug?

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you are doing 0 damage and its pretty stupid it even happens with ogris sometimes

But the blue color indicates he's doing 0 damage 'with a regular attack on shields' according to the wiki. Wat shields are we talking about?



Best I can guess would be the pod. Since that's the only thing there with shields. Maybe from a programming standpoint it's technically still taking the hits from powers, maybe even being sucked into the vortex in some way behind the scenes, but set to take 0 damage from allied sources? Or maybe the enemies are 'hitting' it but not doing any damage because of the ragdolled state their in?

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