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Possible Additions To Survival Missions?


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Hello,all. I'm still fairly new to this game and as such I really don't know if there is anything the devs are still working on or what have you. However, while I played a few survival missions (I still really suck at them lol) I started to think of various things that could be implemented to make them a bit more interesting and not so simple? Simple's not the right word for it, but essentially I thought of a few things that might be interesting if they were put into place.


First thing I thought of was that Survival gets pretty boring (at least for me. Maybe it gets better later?) after a few runs of it. Sure the enemies get a little harder as time goes on, but it doesn't feel like the scaling impacts terribly much if you know how to work your frame. Obviously changing the scaling of the enemies could be overkill so that wouldn't work too well I think. However, I think that once a mission hits the....I'd say 15 minute window or so... that the lights would shut off in the area and the warframes would be stuck using only their own lights to navigate. It wouldn't really change much, but it could make it a little more interesting and maybe even more challenging.


The second thing I thought was that it gets boring because the enemies stay relatively static (at least from what little I've played) throughout the survival missions. I think it would be interesting if there was a chance at the same 15 minute mark when the lights go out that, if the survival mission is a non-infested enemy area, that the enemies you were fighting start being invaded by infested. Basically have it where they are being overrun and the tenno are simply caught in the middle at that point.


Of course this wouldn't apply for all survival missions. I was thinking if it was applied to maybe certain alerts or maybe if there was just a percent chance of it happening or somesuch like that. I don't know if there is any lore saying this couldn't happen. Just kinda wanted to see if other people thought that survival missions could use something to make them more interesting.

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Reduce O2 usage rate, its so god damn annoying, after last patch solo survivals are impossible


also, how can we run out off air on Earth, outside in the jungle lol

becausr of logic

no but seriously the o2 thing just gets annoying i agree with you on that

you just get kept up in the killing and you suddenly here the roaring silence... if silence could roar...

Back on topic the darkness thing is interesting but i can see people raging about it on the forums in my head.

i like the invasion though

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I don't think darkness would really work. This game can really punish you if you don't see an enemy coming, especially as levels increase. No need to amplify that.

An invasion at every 15 min... I don't know. Might be fun.


What I really hate in survival is the spawn rates. Some missions you get lots of mobs everywhere, some missions you only get lots of mobs in certain tiles and some missions you barely get any mobs at all! And you really need those personal life support moduals to keep going, but if there's barely any mobs to kill that it's hard to even hit the 5 minute mark.

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I'll agree with the O2 situation being rather annoying, since that is generally what kills me the majority of the time when I try them solo ^^;. In regards to the darkness thing, I was thinking it'd be interesting if only certain survival missions had a Dead Space kind of vibe to it. Then again, that would probably require a too big a change lol. The 15 minute mark was just a random time though. Don't know what lengths higher skilled people stay in these for, but I generally last about 20 minutes so I thought if the last five minutes were changed up to such a degree that might be interesting.


I did just think of another idea regarding the invasion but it would be far too much trouble and create alot of rage lol. Basically the infected are biological so they need the O2. Thus they will make mad rushes for the O2 tanks and release the air prematurely unless defended against. This would not be a good idea, that much I know lol. Too many horrible things could go wrong on this one that it is just not worth it.


The spawn rate I'm unsure of how to fix that one. One way would be to basically make all survival missions relatively the same in regards to mob density and just changing where they spawn from. However this would almost homogenize the survival missions to where there would be no difference except levels between them, which is something I would like to avoid if possible in a grindy game like this ^^;.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what they would like to see changed in the survival missions?

Also, Neogeo, what is ODS? Tried searching but have no idea ^^;

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Ah, I haven't done one of those just yet lol. Would explain why I didn't know :b. Suppose I'll hunt a key for that down and try to see how that is before suggesting anything more. If there is already something similar than this was rather pointless ^^;.

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Another problem of mine, that I would love to see changed is the personal life support moduals them self. It's basically RNG, so you can have times when they don't really drop no matter how many opponents you kill. Yet they are crucial part of survival.


The pods by them self can't keep you running for long. That 30% wanishes very quickly, and new pods don't come so often. So you have to find the personal ones, but even tho they have a decent drop rate, RNG can just fail you, making survival partially luck based, especially over time as their drop rates decrease.


I know we need something besides the pods to keep oxigen up, or the game will turn into "hoard the pods". But all I'm asking for is a mob, a container or something that spawns periodicly from where you can get the extra oxigen you need to keep up.

In my mind survival shouldn't be about killing mobs as fast as you can, hoping for lifesupport drops. Instead it should be about getting oxigen from various, reliable sources, to keep it's level up, and the mobs are there to slow you down, or straight out denie you from reaching them.


It would keep the gamemodes fluidity, as you have to move from one place to the other. Except you don't run around to hunt for mobs (unless it drops from a specific mob), but to get from one oxigen source to the next. This would elliminate that little RNG that can make a run too short or too long.


Some of the suggestions and ideas here are to make it harder, or more challenging, which I would be totally fine with if that little RNG would be removed, and how long you last would be based on how long you can last, and not on when the magical drops disapear for too long.

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Good point about it being RNG based ^^. I didn't even think about that. Hmm...What if the O2 capsules were where you had to defend a place for X amount of time and then it is deployed to where they are defending. Rather than being based on how fast one can kill things or whenever (seemingly) the ai decides it wants to drop one, it would be available as soon as players can reach the designated spots and defend them. Basically have it be where the players have to run specified location to location defending areas for a bit at a time, obtain the capsule that appears after successfully defending said spot, run to next area. Though this would probably require more teamwork than the current mode so it might not work :b.


Another idea to have is maybe have it where every set number of creatures in survival has a high chance of dropping tanks, but that is still RNG lol.

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