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Spice Up The Gameplay And Rework A Few Mods


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There are many mods that could function as gameplay mechanics instead of stat boosts. I'm making this thread to think up some more ways to give the game a little more depth while reworking any affected mods.


I'll follow a simple template for ease of reading:


Mod [The mod's name]

-Currently: [What it does at this time]

-As a mechanic: [How it could function as a gameplay mechanic]

-What it'd do instead: [What the mod could do after the change]

-Why: [The reason for the changes]




Parry / Retribution

-Currently: adds a chance to automatically counterattack while channeling / sometimes deals electric damage to melee attackers that hit you.


-As a mechanic: At any time when using melee, press Block + Dodge at the same time without using a movement key to stop whatever it was you were doing, give freedom of movement, and block melee attacks for a very short time (about .5s, ideally). It'd cost a sizable amount of stamina (and would be harder to time correctly if used without stamina [.25s]). Enemies that have their attacks blocked will be stunned briefly, opening up an opportunity for a finisher [like they do now, except all the time].


-What it'd do instead: Reduce the cost of "reactive blocking" / Give you a short-length damage buff after blocking an attack / Stun enemies for a longer time. This could have multiple variations, potentially!


-Why: Blocking feels very static, and could use a little more complexity than "hold M2 to not die for a while". "Reactive blocking" would make Melee 2.0 a little more complex, as opposed to only being really fancy.



-Currently: Boosts the speed [and effectively the distance] of your dash-slide. Fun, but barely useful.


-As a mechanic: You can now dodge-roll at any time using Block + Dodge + a movement key. Press Dodge again while sliding or dodge-rolling to extend the maneuver to get CC/proc immunity and huge damage reduction. You go farther if you wait longer before you extend the dodge, or shorter if you don't wait.This extended dodge costs a very high amount of stamina.. and you need stamina to dodge, now. No stamina, no dodging!


Different Warframes could have different styles of dodges, perhaps even with unique effects! 


[Excalibur would have the simplest, but fastest dodges. Frost would create a small but invulnerable wall of ice behind him. Ember would leave a trail of fire. Nyx would confuse enemies near the start of her dodge for a short time. Ash would vault far and fast. Hydroid would surf away, a little slowly, but being able to shoot at the same time. Zephyr would launch high into the air. Rhino would knock down enemies that he runs through. Nekros would vanish briefly. Vauban would place a bounce pad behind him that launches enemies away. Nova would teleport a short distance [but not through walls]. Saryn would place a corrosive adhesive that slows enemies and reduces their armor. Loki would move far away, disarming nearby enemies... etc. etc.] Or, if that's too much, every Warframe would have the same dodge with the same mechanics, doing them faster or slower based on their base speed. But that'd be pretty simple.


-What it'd do instead: Reduce the stamina cost of dodging and boost your damage reduction during standard dodges.


-Why: Dodging is pointless right now, since blocking is better in almost every way, besides reducing the damage from procs. A way for players to react to incoming damage, or even bypass CC, would add another layer of skill that I'm sure would be fun. Dodging requiring stamina would mean stamina management matters beyond not being able to block or sprint- if you're too bloodthirsty, you'll have a difficult time getting out of a bad situation.


Master Thief / Thief's Wit / Intruder

-Currently: Gives you a chance to open locked containers that you walk past / show all pickups on the minimap in a radius / increase the time you have to hack a console. They're all pretty useless, and are usually only used as filler mods, if ever.


-As a mechanic: Somewhere in every level, at least two special containers spawn in a hidden area that have valuable contents... and you need to hack them. They're much more difficult to hack than standard consoles, can't be hacked using Ciphers, and lock up permanently if you fail.


-What it'd do instead: Master Thief and Intruder become a single mod, extending the time you have to hack a console and opening regular locked containers. When maxed, Thief's Wit highlights a room if it contains one of those special chests.




What do you think? Any ideas of your own?

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Theif's wit isn't the most useless mod. I've got it on a few frames and I usually come out with more resources than if I didn't have the mod. I certainly wouldn't object to it being more powerful though, it does feel like just a filler mod.

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I use Master Thief on all of the frames I use most often. I don't like the nerf.


I used to use thief's wit on every frame until I learned the location of every single breakable storage container on every map. I still use it on builds for frames that move faster than is useful for loot gathering(Ash, for example).


I don't see split-second timing in a game subject to massive amounts of lag, by the very design, as being useful to blocking in any way.


Intruder could probably use a change. I don't believe anyone seriously gets any mileage out of it at all--if you're hacking enough to where a few extra seconds would be needed enough for this mod, you're going to be good enough to do it with time to spare(average times are usually 8 seconds to solve, and you get 18).


Maglev actually does what it does well, and if you use sliding in movement, it lets you go much faster and much more efficiently. I'm a bit confused on whether or not you know that dodge rolls already exist. I do like the idea of frame-themed dodge specials, but that seems like something that could be thrown in without changing mods.

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