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Idea For A Dojo Room


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Was recently playing through a mission when I was attacked by the Grineer Assassin Trio... Which I had no idea were still after me. I had encountered them once before and managed to escape their grasp, and thought that was the end of it...

So my proposal for a new addition to the collection of useful Dojo rooms is the Bounty Board: A room that would have an interactable panel that would show you what assassins are after you. Would be an asset to those who have left the game for a while or have had enough time to forget who all is after their head.

Lore related tidbits could be that it's tapped into the Grineer and Corpus communication networks to gather information. Could also have notifications for Alerts that usually show up in the chat bar and fade away during a mission or whilst lounging about in the Dojo and show updates/details on Invasion related missions that crop up across the system.

What say ye to this idea?

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It could be useful, certainly, but I wouldn't make it an entire room. Maybe a decoration you can place, like the trading post or the treasury.

The observatory currently has the control panels in place for such modifications. DE even said that it has future uses that they haven't announced yet. 

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