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Vajra The Rng Manipulating Talisman


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After seeing a post about, "smart" drops I was reminded about my thoughts on the issues with random drops. Smart drops could be a good way to deal with the issue, but it does present it's own issues.

So, I started thinking if an in game solution. Presenting the new item, the Vajra, or Orikon Vajra, or techno Vajra. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vajra

The Vajra has many purposes and symbolic meanings based on its role in several faiths and cultures. This manifestation of a Vajra inspired item for Warframe could serve several function. In regards to drops the a Vajra specifically dedicated to manipulating the RNG Gods would apply. Though, one can take much inspiration from the lore surrounding the Vajra to generate many great concepts for Warframe.

As a RNG manipulator, the Vajra differs from the spare parts mod by not merely increasing drop rates, but instead by increasing the drop rate for a specific item. The specifics of how this would happen depends on how the drop tables at tabulated.

Perhaps one way it would work is that the Vajra could be set to increase drops for mods over credits or blue prints. Further it could improve the odds of getting rares over uncommon or common mods or items, or any combination of the other.

Now perhaps it would just be better to find a better systemic fix for RNG issues, like adding more mission types, for example. The Vajra could still be a compelling item and/or weapon to add to Warframe.


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No offense, but I think it's a terrible name, for various reasons. If you're going to make a 'lucky' mark, it should be a Lotus flower brand or something, attached to the Tenno's chest/heart.

What you're describing is a persistent item, unlike the temporary boosters that we already have, that increase the drop chances of basically anything rare. This would either need to be diversified into different categories (Mods, Credits, Resources, BP parts, XP) or be a very small boost.

What it ought to be is like the Dragon Keys. Wear a hard-to-craft (or expensive to buy) Lotus Talisman, and take a penalty to various stats, out of the control of the player. That way, people can't just exploitably farm them by using Warframes that don't feel the penalty (like how Valkyr doesn't really feel a shield penalty because her armour and health are so high).

Personally, I think they should be reminiscent of nightmare effects, but singular to you because you're the one wearing it. Wearing one could bring about higher threat level (enemies attack you with more priority than other tenno, but not more than defense pods), reduced armour, shields, health, energy capacity etc, slow energy drain (not as fast as nightmare), Health drain with life-leech, Bloodlust timer (Nightmare timer mode, explained by your Tenno needing to kill to survive but not have the health-drain/life-leech effects), slow movement speed, less damage, ability power, energy efficiency etc etc. Basically, as many random options as possible, that are balanced to suit the degree of bonus you'd be getting from the talisman.

It'd be great to have as a way to challenge yourself as well, for those players who have way too much maxed out gear (like me) and get bored with regular missions and regular loot (I sometimes bring dragon keys for kicks, because I'm bored of being OP).

I think it's only fair that the bonuses only apply to you, since you're the bearer of the penalty. Otherwise, people would just spend all their time protecting the talisman bearers, and reaping the benefits while the talisman bearer doesn't lift a finger. Alternatively, they could make it so the talisman bearers only get a bonus for their kills, or their successes, so nobody gets any extras unless the talisman bearer does the actual work, but i'm of two minds on that concept.

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