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My Bugs For Melee 2.0 (Updated For 13.1.2)


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Overall M2.0 System Bugs




  •    There is no incentive to time your counters any more, since 13.0.6 ( or 13.0.5 ). Before you had a definite time window, now it is just hold channel and block and sooner or later you get a counter attack prompt automatically. Yes, this is happening WITHOUT Parry mod. Currently, if you want to use a counter reliable, you have to slot maxed Parry anyway.
  •    If you have channel efficiency mods equipped, energy cost for blocking a melee attack while channeling to get a counter still costs 5 energy, no matter what. The actual counterattack then is modified as intended.  
  • Sometimes you need to let go of the channeling and/or block button and press it again to regain the ability to land counters.
  •   In many sessions (solo) Stealth attack of Dual Sword and Thrown (Glaive/Kestrel) deals no damage, through the entire game. This varies from game to game, and sometimes in the middle they start working again, but most of the time they do nothing.
  •    Rhino's Iron Skin eats blocking animation, because all damage goes to iron skin first before it gets considered "blocked", and thus no stamina is drained, and thus no counterattack can ever be made.
  •    Iron skin also disables the functionality of "Reflection" and "Parry"
  •    Switching from equipped Codex scanner back to equipped melee weapon using the related gear-hotkey causes no draw animation. You simply have the melee weapon in your hands.
  •    If you equip melee weapon, and then equip codex from hotkey, and then press the same hotkey again in order to get back to your previous weapon, everything looks fine. However, if you are using quickattack while the codex is equipped, and you use the codex hotkey to swap back to your melee weapon DURING the attacks, the animation spazzes out and resets back to the first swing, which is done twice before continuing as normal.
  •    When picking up a datamass with your melee equipped, and then pressing the "weapon swap" key which should normally give you either your primary or secondary weapon, the datamass simply gets dropped and you still stand there with your melee equipped.
  •    You also drop your datamass if you picked it up with one of your guns, and then directly swap to your melee weapon (either holding weapon swap or using the dedicated "equip melee" key )
  • If you are stealthed, you do not get the 4x damage multiplier added to stealth finishers.



  •    When killing something with a channelled hit, the headshot-hitbox does not light up. So Grineer are disintegrating everywhere but their faces, for example.
  •    When hacking a console, your melee weapon disappears to the holstered position, the animation of holding your gun with the right is still the same as before.
  •    Occasionally, enemies get staggered outside "counter attack prompt" range and one needs to get closer manually.
  •   Doing Counterattack animations on stairs often lets you fall through the level and die (or get stuck below the staircase). Especially if those attacks are repositioning you automatically for the proper animation.
  •   When blocking an attack that normally knocks you down, you keep the blocking animation held as you are pushed back but then suddenly your character performs another "draw melee weapon" animation as if the weapon was sheathed, only to end in the blocking animation again.
  •   When you have a DoT ticking (bleed etc) and you block bullets/melee hits, instead of the regular block animation you get a weird "back and forward rocking motion".


  •   I can block all knockdowns and staggers, including pesky Ancients... but not Grineer ROLLERS.
  •   Sometimes a counter attack staggering the enemy does not show up a counter attack prompt, even if you close in. You can only do a regular attack.


  •   If you do a counter attack, you often get a blue shield damage " 0 " popping out from the enemy, just like if you would damage them, even if they don't have shields.
  •   I was all happy that I got a Sundering Weave stance from an Eviscerator (regular one) only to realize at the end of the mission, the mod was not there and instead it was Ice Wave *sob* so that seems to be a bugged display state, like earlier on the Miasma things when it was actually Zephyr mods, if I remember correctly

Weapon specific M2.0 bugs:

The following weapons violently shake the screen vertically when blocking...;
    ...bullets: Fragor, Magistar (thus probably Jat Kittag as well? That would be all Hammers)
    ...melee hits: ALL one-handed Swords, Kama + Machete Wraith (So I guess the rest of the Machetes too)


ALL DUAL SWORDS & GLAIVES: Stealth Attack does not get a hit counter, and often fails to deliver damage. Even if it does damage, no hit counter.



#) When not equipped, if you are shot at while holding the quickattack button to throw it, you get interrupted as if way back in the days you would be interrupted by a melee hit when trying to do a charge attack. You do not get interrupted when throwing in equipped mode though.
#) Idle animation end looks awkward, as the Warframe stands still but Glaive gets nudged back into the proper position in the hand instead of being there in the first place.


KOGAKE: There is white lighting on top of the energy colour when striking. So either this is part of the energy colour not correctly dyed or the white should only be part of a GFX which should only appear when you actually hit something other than thin air. This does not happen with the Obex.



#) Uses single pistol idle and sliding animation.

#) Often deals 0 shield damage even to unshielded enemies upon slide attack, which still ragdolls them around.



#) If you attack an Ancient doing their taunting screech animation, they do not fall into the flailing electricity stun animation. Furthermore, if you kill them in this state, they remain in this position until the body despawns.
#) Since the counter attack applies damage so late, you can override this damage with any other attack if you are fast enough, cancelling it out, as it will never get delivered then. Now counter attack does NO damage at ALL, regardless of how long you wait.
#) If you add a slide attack right after the first swing, the whip extends to a whirling semi-sphere BEHIND your back, and this looks so broken and is of so little benefit, it cannot be anything else than a bug.

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I still can't wall attack, which is a huge disappointment. I'm unsure if this is only me but i've literally tried everything to get it back and it won't budge. 

With which weapons are you trying to wall attack? Not to make it sound like you are a dumbsie , but I've had some people play the game for half it's existance and they always picked the wrong weapons which don't HAVE a wall attack to begin with, because the always picked the heavy ones.

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I don't "forget" to list bugs. If one doesn't t see a report in my list, then it is because I did not encounter this bug by myself. I only write bugs which I can confirm on my own, at any time, and I don't host these topics for things I cannot check on my own. In this case, I don't own the Nikana yet, it still is cooking in the Lab.

I am sure the Nikana's sheathing position has been already reported multiple times, as that sounds very obvious, and I'm also positive that every single bug report gets read.

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I don't even know how many gripes I have with iron skin, but the biggest is probably that it is applied a layer ABOVE shields and not BELOW. Before you take shield damage, your Iron skin eats it up, so yeah that always has me cringe. This was also why Rhino was pretty much more of a nobrainer than Mag to run the Hijack missions, as the core ate up your shields without interference while enemy damage was subtracted by your Iron Skin.


In terms of this bug report; Using Iron skin deprives you of several parts of the new melee system, and this is why I report it as bug, as I'm not sure how much of that was intended or not. I'd be fine if Iron skin makes Reflection not work, but I think it isn't okay to be denied the mechanic of counterattacks.

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Updated list.

Removed Sound specific bugs from the list, they have been outsourced to the sound bug section and partly fixed already.


# Lecta counter attacks now deal ZERO damage, regardless of how long you wait.

# Confirmed rocking back/forth animation while blocking during DoT ticks while being simultaneously shot at.

# If you are stealthed and perform a stealth attack, you do NOT get the damage multiplier like you get on regular attacks, making stealth attacks even less desireable.


All other bugs still seem to be in effect as of Patch 13.1.2

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  • 3 months later...

I realized the search function of the forum is now cut down SEVERELY and archiving starts a lot sooner.

Wanted to give Melee another parse after I'm done with my UI related topics, so excuse my bump for keeping it alive and have a nice list that I can work down easily to check what is still applicable and what not. I can still see some of these bugs to the present day, and will do more in depth testing afterwards.

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