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  1. NoggDog117

    Which one is better for ESO between Volt or Equinox?

    From the looks of things you already have damage covered with Saryn, between Volt and Equinox I'd probably go Volt for the overshield augment, but Equinox has slash damage. Seriously though, Saryn alone can solo ESO pretty easy. If you have Arcane Energize, you can completely take out Trinity, and Rhino's buff is not as useful as you might think with a Saryn as main dps as it scales indefinitely. Really you can bring whatever you think will add to the team comp to either help pump the kills out faster or help those doing it. I'll usually bring an Inaros or Oberon kitted out with Redeemer Prime if I can't decide.
  2. NoggDog117

    Cetus bounties rigged rewards?

    Yep, can confirm you're just getting a bad hand at the table. 3 runs in and I got an eidolon lens bp.
  3. NoggDog117

    Cetus bounties rigged rewards?

    I doubt anything's skewing your drop table on purpose, DE's pretty good about their item grinds. I haven't done a Cetus bounty since shortly before the unvault, but it was uncommon for me to get anything OTHER than Endo or common mods from them anyways... If you ask me, it's probably just bad luck, but I'll do some runs in a bit, see what's up.
  4. NoggDog117

    Melee Rivens Entering the Drop Pool

    I don't see the violation. DE did this to both give players who bought the frame a reward for completing the quest and also as incentive to buy the frame. You can get the melee rivens from sorties, it's not like they're limiting it just to Harrow's quest if you purchase Harrow. If you think this is a "violation of "free to play" model" then you really need to see what other free to play games do.
  5. NoggDog117

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #93!

    So will shooting the little kanga-rat rodent thing make it pop or flop? I feel like it should pop like the bird in Shrek when it tries to match the high note Fiona sings to it.
  6. NoggDog117

    Coming Soon: Special Enemy & AI Devstream #87

    Will the Grineer Ballista and the Corpus Railgun Moa get looked into to make them keep their distance from us? With all the complex enemies being added in, such as the Scrambus and the Bursas, Kuva Guardians and Jesters, each have complicated engagement strategies (One of the Bursas locking down doors and hallways, Scrambus getting into a position to interrupt the most players, etc.) while the snipers seem to follow basic infantry patterns, and as such are usually on the front lines.
  7. NoggDog117

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.5.5

    It actually doesn't go away. Doesn't matter if you drain it, it comes back.
  8. NoggDog117

    Vote For Warframe! [Results are in!]

    Warframe just might win EVERYTHING it is in, by the looks of things.
  9. NoggDog117

    Devstream #84 Overview.

    Hopefully that throwing spear opens the door to other kinds of thrown weapons, such as throwing axes.
  10. NoggDog117

    [Build Status: Friday] Update 19.1.0

    There's going to be alert-ish missions where they will always spawn. That's great, since I've only seen 3 in my over 40 runs trying to find some. My guess is that they're all going to cycle constantly, maybe on something like a 6-hour timer on each alert, one resetting on each hour mark, as to not completely limit anything. Bringing in the boosters there, it'll probably be exactly what it is now where it yields a random amount, not a set alert reward. The system's only been out for less than 2 weeks, this being the first major patch (19.0.7 to 19.1) since then, please, don't treat this as doomsday. They're still finding that "OK space" for this stuff.
  11. NoggDog117

    Recurring Dreams + Hotfix 1

    That's because Conclave has a separate development group. The main crew is working on TWW at the moment.
  12. NoggDog117

    Anndddd it's already October.

    My guess, Corpus Rathuum.
  13. While I agree that the points made here are valid, these are passives we are talking about, you're not going to be using them actively. They are not supposed to be giant buffs to the 'frames they belong to, so we should stop treating them as such. That being said, Oberon's is pure crap. All wildlife (unless this works on Drahks and Hyekas) already attacks whatever else is around it, so this is pretty much a "don't attack me" thing. Nekros's isn't bad. Some position adjustment, god forbid, may be needed to get anything from it, but in the right hands it could be ridiculous. Hydroid's is not just ground finishers, it is ground slams. Meaning, jump+melee down. A chance to spawn something that, during his ult, can CC and kill plenty? Complain all you want about that, it's much better than what he has. Vauban. Okay, look, that one isn't good, if people aren't playing together it is hard to get anyone to stay in one place, let alone one close enough to get a mediocre buff. Ember's is pure redirection. See that fire there? You can use it to regain the energy and boost damage at the cost of some shields, maybe some HP, easily regained. Fire effects tend to stick around for a while, too, so you're looking at around 10 seconds of 10 energy per second, plus the damage boost. Nova's is one that I'm definitely not a fan of. Seriously, a knockdown of enemies within 6 meters when you get downed? Is that a field in which any enemy that is in it gets a knockdown until she gets up, or is it a one-time pop when she goes down? Either way, it sounds pretty useless to me, almost as bad as Oberon's. All the other ones are okay.