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  1. I think it'd be a cool idea to bring weapons from events back like you did with the Basmu on a more regular basis, same with the Zaw parts from Plague St--- I mean, Naberus. Bringing stuff like the Basmu, Ceti Lacera, Imperator Vandal's parts, etc. that are locked behind events that aren't always available, give people another way to get them. The biggest issue with the Basmu on this was the issues that plagued last week, but otherwise I'm sure a lot of people, like myself, appreciated the second chance at the weapon.
  2. If it weren't for Basmu, I'd say this would be a non-issue, but this is a weapon that many missed out on either because of life reasons, because they didn't want to deal with Scarlet Spear's bugged state, or because they just flat out hadn't started playing the game yet, and no one knows when Scarlet Spear will be back.
  3. I was tuned in for the entire stream today, and did not have the ability to log into the game until now. Why did I only get one drop? A glyph I already had too... :( EDIT: I did leave it AFK when it was explained. Oof, hope we can get the drops retroactively?
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