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  1. I'm a bit sad they didn't add some sort of gimmick for crossing ultimate beams with another Wisp. Maybe make it explode on the contact point or something?
  2. This is something I've thought about a bit. A few friends of mine only use the best means of doing something in Warframe, and Itzal is the only Archwing they consider using, and it's only because the teleport gets you moving faster. All abilities you can use on your archwing are not at all balanced for ground enemies, even on Itzal. As it stands, Plains/Vallis Archwing is uninteresting and only serves the purpose of travel speed due to low damage output, all the while we know what those Archwings could do on the actual Archwing missions with the same build. It is a system that can use a lot of work.
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