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  1. I think it would be better to make the Avionics slots you enhance by dumping tons of Dirac into reduce the cost of the Avionic in that slot as well as boost it a bit. Right now reactors have a disparity between avionics capacity and flux capacity. On one hand, not needing to replenish flux often is nice, but on the other, in order to have things that use flux installed, you have to have heaps of capacity, since your passive avionics take most of it. Meanwhile we have an upgradeable grid that's only purpose is to boost avionics ranks beyond maximum without adding additional cost. Oftentimes it's negligible unless you have the best version of the mod installed, and usually that's when you need the high capacity reactors, IF you get one. There's also the problem of the RIDICULOUSLY OVERSIZED roll range on the shield arrays and reactors. You can get a Vidar Mk3 reactor that has +32 capacity, or one that has +92 capacity. That is atrocious, especially when the base Sigma Reactor Mk3 is +50 avionics capacity. EVERYTHING from Veil Proxima should have more than that, not just Vidar reactors, but Zetki reactors too. As it stands, the RNG of Shield Arrays and Reactors needs to be tighter. This is coming from someone who has been using a shield array that's a Lavan Mk2 with +672 shields for 3 weeks because nothing that's dropped has been better. Even Lavan Mk3s have been HUNDREDS less than the Mk2 I have. It is abhorrent that something with an obvious tie to upward progression (Mk1 -> Mk2 -> Mk3) has a sizable potential to be a downgrade.
  2. I can guarantee you it was not Excalibur Prime, as that and 2 weapons are some of the only mastery rank tied items to be exclusive to the founders program that ended 6 years ago, but to answer your question, yes. You can use a Prime frame if you don't have the normal one.
  3. We should be able to fill the eventual NPC crew with converted Kuva Liches. As it stands they only show up once and a while, it'd be cool to see them more constantly, like how Shadow of Mordor has questing interactions with converted Orcs. I feel like Empyrean is an option to do this that should not be overlooked. I also feel like the NPC crew should be included on day one of Empyrean. I don't have a constant group of 4 I play with, only usually 1 or 2 others for <5% of the time I'm playing Warframe. It's jarring to know the Railjack that I dumped a ton of resources into to play a new part of the game can't be fully enjoyed solo like most other parts of the game. This isn't raiding, we shouldn't need other people. If you are to require multiple players, we should have public lobbies to match. But for solo players, an NPC crew would work wonders in keeping them engaged, and if they were Kuva Liches, you'd keep people engaged in 2 systems instead of 1.
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