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Making Invasions Less Boring? ( Rough Idea)


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Maybe it's just me, but I find invasions boring, once you do about a dozen you done it enough. lots of times the loot from the actual invasion is mediocre, sometimes you get a forma or a potatoe but usually it's credits or some materials.,


My idea is to alter how invasions work to make them unique. rather than exterminate with AI units.


My (probably bad) idea is to make the AI like creeps/ simple AI in league or legends or any other MOBA instead of them kill a few enemies than stop, have them continue forward.  in the level there will be 3 objectives that the AI must destroy (maybe have AI units transport a large bomb?)   after each objective is destroyed players have the option to extract with loot, just like defense.


choosing to proceed  means you head to the next objective, enemies raise in level just like defense or survival.

the invasion rewards as they are remain as they are, but on top of it you get what ever you extract with.  these mods can be anything DE feels they should be.





Tl;dr  it becomes league of legends where you protect your AI team mates to destroy objectives rather than just another exterminate mission.


(I hope this is the right section, I eagerly await ridicule and "no")


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Turning Warframe into a game that is not warframe is illogical, though I do agree that Invasions should have variety. Maybe invasion missions could be... hmm...


There are 5 invasions you are required to do:

1. Rescue a VIP from the faction you are fighting for in that node

2. Sabotage the enemy reactor

3. Put corrupt data into the enemy computer

4. Whatever the lore for Spy missions are.

5. Exterminate the enemy.


and yeah this could go in the feedback section. But no worries.

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I like these ideas. The invasion mission reward could also use some working. The grinneer and corpus want us to work for them, and we want potatoes. so it would only be logical for them to give us potatoes. :) and im sure im not the only one who is kinda sick of mutegen masses and whatever the grinneer and corpus versions are.

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