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Nekros And Nova



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Molecular Prime gives the same timing window for Desecrate as a gun kill. I just got done proving this to a clan mate the other day in which we tested it for over 45 minutes so he would shut the..... nevermind why. We tested it extensively. My MP and my Boltor Prime left corpses available to be Desecrated for the same period of time even though the MP animation evaporated them.

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Novas can be a boon when farming, but the Nekros has to follow her very closely. The time right after a MP clearout is enough to use Desecrate twice, maybe more if your Nekros has Natural Talent.

Source: I've been the Nekros in a few Argon T1S farmings.

EDIT: For clarification, yes, MP does make bodies disappear faster, but not instantly.

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