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  1. With the proposition of Wisp getting floating movement animations mentioned, could it be possible to instead somehow link them to idle animation sets that match that match that kind of movment (like Titania's) for customization purposes? (Or at least give the same floating animations to Titania)
  2. With Fortuna coming and it being bigger and more than the Plains of Eidolon (so far), will the latter receive any kind of update to put it up to par with Venus in terms of content? Instead of PoE probably remaining ‘inferior’ due to it being first?
  3. I agree fully that limbo’s own weapons should not be affected by this change, purely for the fun factor at least. Altough another issue is still present that I think should be adressed: the Rift. It is a cool mechanic no doubt and it can work interestingly, but as it is now I feel that this will keep Limbo as a polarizing frame since this gives him the ability to alter things during a mission that while yes it can be beneficial for his teammates it can be also annoying or inconvenient for public or uncoordinated games, the whole aspect of completely phasing out enemies from the allies or viceversa, which is where I believe the biggest gripes might be coming from.
  4. It seems that the starters Mag and Volt are almost up to par with excalibur in the eyes of the community, what are the devs thoughts on this? What about further changes to Chroma, has the ability to switch elements at will been considered more?
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