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Stalker Keeps Bullying Me In The Derelicts


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I only remotely remember the time I started playing Warframe, some time in November, and I still remember my first encounters with that Stalker guy. Up to this very day, I only encountered him twice in a "Star-chart-mission" and once in the Void.

3 days ago however, I started to play derelicts somewhat regularily... and fought him 8 Times already? the very hour I'm posting this, I fought him 3 consecutive times, all of which to revenge an other boss.


I may grow insane, but I feel like Stalker is WAY more active since Easter, especially in the derelicts. So I'm asking you guys, have you encountered something similar? Can you try it for yourself? Have I found the new Stalker-farming-meta?


He didn't drop despair once.

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