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I Need Help With A Volt Build



Can anyone give me a suggestion on how to build a Volt, which Mods should I use, I currently using Vigor, Redirection, Vitality, Energy giving Aura, armor mod, reach and efficency, basically I think my build is dead wrong because I'm turning into a freaking Tank Volt, 800 Shield, 50 Armor, 700 health instead of a AOE spammer, can some one help me with a proper build please

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I personally am trying to get a Sniper-support volt that emphasizes speed and Barrier. Probably doesnt live up to his full potential as well, but its something to consider.

Ahhh the beauty of customization.. I have the exact opposite. I have volt built for efficiency and power strength.


Try this on for size: http://www.warframe-builder.com/Warframes/Builder/Volt/t_30_13001120012_1-8-10-4-3-5-5-7-5-6-2-5-12-6-5-21-10-5-55-1-5-124-0-3-125-5-3-126-4-3-127-9-3_124-2-55-6-6-11-4-9-126-5-125-4-12-6-5-9-1-14-127-7-21-14_58/en/1-0-21/3637/0

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