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Need Help Farming Boltor Prime Bp


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What is up Ladies and Gentlemen!?


So I'm trying to get the Boltor Prime BP since it was announced... which is 3 or 4 weeks now? 


I ran so far probably over 30 T3 MD missions. Wasted all my keys, wasted all the keys from my clan, friends, psn buddies and plenty from random dudes online. 

STILL NOTHING *Screaminginkindacryingsoundingshoutoutvoice*


I have all the parts and resources to build and all I need is this little last puzzle piece to finish this nice weapon.


Before I get 50 offers here for selling it for Plat. No offense, but this just isn't how I like to do things in Warframe. The only thing I buy is Reactors, Slots and Cats. 


Sooooo.... if anyone has any T3 MD left and would be willing to travel with me to this far distant Void mission, we could share such a great price (and experience for the 10 Min).


My "scream" of satisfaction and happiness [once it will drop (and it will)] will fill you with inner warmth for many years to come... (*inner warmth bringing scream patent pending*)


Let's squat up and do it!


Thanks and Cheers,







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