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How About Some Infested Tenno?


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Valkyr isn't "crazy" or "broken". She's highly competent and relatively angry. If she could feel pain, the fact that HALF OF HER FACE IS MISSING would leave her in constant, uncontrollable agony, a writhing mass of helpless flesh.


I realize it's pointless to type this because the "BUT I WANT THIS" factor of your brain will force you to battle to the very death for it, but it 100% does not fit in lore, at all, whatsoever.


So let's hear what bs the "BUT I WANT THIS" part of you makes up next.

oh, how shallow minded of you... :D now that i`ve re-read everything i typed, and reviewed all i knew, i understand the flaws in my idea, and have discarded it.

though i agree that most people would go with the: "ME WANT SHINY!" approach.

In any way - i`ve seen the error of my thinking, and people can stop bashing me for stuff that is clearly incorrect, for i admit my failure, to take all facts, and lore into account.

still, the typhus concept is kinda cool... so thanks for that link Deidaku (if you ever wander into this thread again :D)

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It would be nice if a new strand of virus came out that turned Tenno into more.... hive minded infested beings


Like having tenno added to the infested faction similar to specters


Though im sure many people would be uncomfortable with this

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