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Denied Of All Mission Loot


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Did a T2 Survival with some guys I met. Lasted up until 28 minutes before we had to scramble. All of us were downed but somebody revived to make a dash for extraction. I was hitting my revive button right as we extracted, got a bugged mission screen saying that I was Excalibur (I was playing as a Loki) for all of my equipment slots. On top of that, I didn't get anything from that mission while everyone else did. I wouldn't be so ticked off about all of this if it weren't for the fact that a Stalker happened by during the early stages and dropped the Dread Blueprints.


Total list of what I got is hard to remember but I KNOW that we got a Forma Blueprint, Akbronco Prime blueprints x2, Paris Prime Blueprints, and the stalker dropped the Blueprints for Dread along with a Serration mod.


I don't expect to be given loot back for this, but it REALLY pisses me off that we went through all that work and I got shafted out of the rewards :/

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Kinda got used to it back in the update 8.0 days >.>.  Least they finally fixed host migration info not saving  (though, unconfirmed if it's truly resolved being that sometimes patch notes semi lie and only fixed an instance of the error >.<).

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