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Haven't Received My Purchase


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Hi all,


Am writing to plead for help from the larger community, am hoping that someone can point me to the right directly. Here's my story...


I paid for the Rhino Prime package on Monday night. Have yet to received it.


I read that it may not be instant, so I was fine with waiting for 24 hours.


After 24 hours, still nothing, so I raised a support ticket. I was able to get a response pretty quickly saying that PSN was having maintenance so there may be a 48 to 72 hours delay in purchases. They said they'll help look into it and try to speed things up. Not happy, but ok...


After 48 hours, still nothing. I googled the PSN maintenance. It was apparently only just a 6 hours maintenance that shouldn't have correlated to my purchase, so I updated my ticket to ask for a progress update. I also emailed PlayStation support asking what's going on, have not got a response since.


After 72 hours, still nothing. Didn't get an update from DE either, so I raised another ticket to ask for an update. After a few hours, DE closed the ticket to say it's merged to my previous ticket. But still, no update in my either tickets.


It's now approaching the 96 hours mark. Still no update from DE. I sent another email to PS hoping they have just missed the email, but will wait and see what happens.


I have got the Sony's "thank you for your purchase" email. I paid for it via PayPal and can see the transactions were completed. I can see that PayPal have charged my credit card with the transactions to Sony. Aside from waiting, I really am not sure what else I can do.


I have friends who bought the same thing a day after me, and have received it immediately, so I think I'm better off canceling and repurchasing.


Will appreciate anyone's advice. Thanks in advanced.




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Has your credit card already been charged?


There is a chance that your credit card company may not have approved the transaction (it may still be set to 'pending'), in which case you may want to contact your credit card company. If the transaction doesn't get approved, the purchase doesn't go through.

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Hi Letter13, thanks for your response.


Yes I can see that my credit card was charged by PayPal.

Transaction description as "PAYPAL *SONY -SEN......", dated 21st April.


Also, just to clarify. The purchases I made was first from PayPal to Sony, to add funding to my Wallet.

I bought $110 AUD worth of credit into my Wallet Funds. I can still see $9.05 now after purchasing the Prime package for $100.95.


So I'm sure Sony have received it. I'm guessing the issue is with either:

1) Sony sending the money to DE


2) DE receiving the money and processing the transaction



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Same here with the Rhino Prime Access package. I haven't gotten the drone or syandana like the package says. The money has gone from my bank account but I haven't been given all the goods. Filled out a ticket but currently feel a little cheated.

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