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Failed To Join Friend Session Since Update


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After the recent update was deployed I can't join my friend session in any way. We have both checked our router/firewall ports, all open, at least those we need. Each time we try to join each other we get Failed to join game session. We changed what ports should game use and fixed firewall/router settings accordingly, didn't helped.


We tried joining dojo, one gets in, wait that it loads, then other tries to join, we both ended in DIFFERENT dojo at same time, which shouldn't be possible.


Then we started doing some more weird stuff, like trying to use hamachi that some guy suggested, well surprise didn't worked out. Other trick was that we both selected same planet, set Online status and tried to join each other, didn't helped. Then both select same planet, one goes into mission, other tries to join, also didn't help, it said Objective already completed (even if it wasn't even started).


I am getting very angry on this, because I don't like playing with randoms and well me and my friend always play together, that's why we choose this game, because is COOP, and this is ultimately breaking the COOP part of this, while I can't find a single solution for last 2 hours that would even remotely help.


It is 100% the update, because nothing changed, but warframe.

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I don't get that You need to have port XY open in firewall when I log in, neither does my friend. I have checked the ports, so did he, we even switched forth and back, still didn't worked - switched port, confirm, exit, run game, change ports back, exit, log in again.

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I dont know if im having the same issues as you.

before updates, i got no problems with strict nat. 

but now im having strict almost every single time i log in to warframe.

its frustrating yet i dont know the issues.

i've done everything i could regarding the setting and the same thing still occurs. 

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I don´t talk about your Firewall Ports u have ingame options to choose Ports.


A game Update will never change your firewall Settings

I was talking about switching ingame ports, a bit unclear on that sry. I was checking on if Ingame ports match firewall and router.

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