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[Corpus Concept] The Clergy [Updated 14-05-28]

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Corpus Clergy


I suggest that the Corpus faction is relying on a trinity society-structure to function.

They have developed from a means to survive after the fall of the Orokin into a complex society where progress and wealth are two sides of the same coin.


* Trade Guild = Merchants

* Research & Development = Factories, shipyards

* Void Clergy = Orokin relic aquisition, Indoctrination, Void study

These three work in unison like a wheel, one feeding the other.

But all would be for nothing without the corner stone of Corpus life: The Void and Orokin relics.

Even though the Trade Guilds generate wealth and gives econonic power, and R&D builds the proxies and weapons and added Sciences division, it it the Clergy who studies the Void.

They are divided into:






Above them all are the Bishops and the Mother Superior.


She is the Lotus reflection, connected to the mainframe, a thousand cpu's and proxies under her influence.

She calles her self the Voice of the Corpus, revered by many, unknown to the majority and feared by a few.


After some thinking I decided to draw a Corpus Hunter. These units hunt for Orokin Artefacts for the Clergy, but are very capable in battle and are sometimes dispatched as Death Squads.



This Void-empowered unit is driven by zeal of the Flock.

Recruiting new members and providing support for crewmen is their role.

They use a chain-lightning staff and crow control by using a custom freeze-gauntlet, slowing movement.



Mindcontrol and Illusions are the Teachers tools. Education and disciplin both in the field and the Indoctrination Temples, are their primary function.

This is a wip appearance, very early.



The Templar is a heavy crewman, agile and armoured.

Using both melee and ranged weapons they are a dangerous addition to any Corpus unit.

Melee units can parry gunfire just like tenno, closing in while covered by other ranged Tenno.

Templars boost crewmens speed when present; morale aura makes them move faster.



I will continue on this as many pieces need to find their place.

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I imagine the Mother as on a thronelike platform, directing proxies and sentry guns, able to single out a Tenno for termination and buffing troops.

Would use the same energy beam as in the Void towers for direct attack.

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Ok. Three units added, but all needs fleshing out.

The Mother Superior require some thinking. And the Bishops I have no clear idea of.

Suggestions on them are welcome.

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I would like to get some community thoughts on this.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas how DE can implement this?

For all we know they are working on ut as we speak.

The lack of lore is what drives me to develop the Clergy. Want to help give the devs ideas?

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Just realized I haven't updated this thread in a while. I am working on the Bishops and trying to figure out what role a Priest would have for the Corpus as a whole.

Would a priest travel on a ship, blessing and using her knowledge of Void secrets to bolster the crew?

Would they be a vip, or act like a Leader perhaps?

If you have an idea I haven't thought of myself, please post it here for future updates.

Feedback in genral is allso much appreciated!

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You know, we don't have teachers, we just put trashcans on our heads and go!


so, we don't need bishops and teachers and stuff, maybe to the grineer

Actually I completely dissagree.

The Grineer are clones so they must go through some speed learning.

Corpus on the other hand use followers, and keep to themselves in Indoctrination Temples.

Besides, they are nuts. Make sense you must brainwash your crews to ensure they dont run in panic when they hear of a Tenno ;)

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