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War Fans (Suggestion)

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Good afternoon, Tenno~ I have tried the search function to find conversation relating to war fans (Gunsen, tessen, gunbai, etc) and have found none. If some are not aware, war fans can be those which fold up, or are a solid open fan. Thusly, these would fit well into DE's advancement of warframe warfare, allowing for both single or dual usage melee of them depending on the type. Stance mods would make these truly flesh out, and perhaps even cheat by using pre-existing stance data. Given their nature, I suspect DE would take these into a slicing route, as impact damage would only exist while the fan is compact or very large in nature, and puncture would only exist if small spikes are applied on the main structure. There are other weapon types--which as a new tenno--I am confounded that they do not exist here yet (such as nunchaku), but I feel that war fans would fit their current mold more than some of the others. What do you think, fellow Tenno?

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