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  1. Not including legacy abilities, stuff like these would be cool: Wall Hacks-See Through for Xx seconds Weapon Punch Through +Yy meters for Xx seconds Upgrade Xx enemies in Yy range into Eximus units (or its opposite power equivalent, Downgrade) Super Power - Give 1 enemy all of the surrounding enemies' armor. (armor stripping, effectively) Saddling - Make the targeted enemy your skateboard. Invade - Become the targeted enemy for Xx duration.
  2. I find that after cave fishing and mining for a little while, when I exit the cave, there's usually something that can be tranq'd, right by the cave exit. Whether it's flying skateboards or potential infested companions, or very rarely something else, there's always at least 1. I recommend going cave fishing for a while! :3
  3. >.< I use Orthos Prime everywhere, even during Eidolon hunts, Orbs, Deimos, Sorties, Railjack, Steel Path, Sechura, Hydron XP farming (even when I should be using the levelling weapon instead), et cetera, all without a Riven for it and everything. Not that I avoid using guns, but instead have them compliment and be useful for very specific needs, like Amprex for spreading rad procs on the Steel Path, or Synoid Simulor for energy, and so on. Someday, I'd like to upgrade my Primed Reach with a riven that includes a higher +reach and +anythingelse, to better hit the soft spots on all these
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