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  1. Trinity was an actual god before the infamous Better-Nerf-Trinity-Wednesdays occurred. Never forget!
  2. Everyone: "All I really want for Christmas is 1 Vidar Reactor, not 50 avionics capacity or under. 100 capacity, if possible, please."
  3. At MR31, forma'd gear starts at rank 1. MR32, 2. MR33, 3, and so on. Since we have rank 40 weapons, the highest theoretical MR should be 70 with this set-up. +1k syndicate standing availability, like normal. +xx relic dust. +xx loadout slot. +1% per MR above 30, experience. (e.g. +40% max) -1% per MR above 30, crafting, bartering, et cetera costs. (e.g. -40% max) This means stuff like those ridiculous 100k standing Cetus objects can be brought down to 60k, or that 5k Hema cost (assuming the Dojo rank can get this high) becomes 3k, and so on. In general, because our characters have mastered so much, they're learning shortcuts, bartering skills, and exploits.
  4. Got mine through Intrinsics and a few Kuva formas. Nidus really made the test a breeze, for those of you getting near!
  5. That's impressive! Do they own your dojo now? XD
  6. Body Count + Blood Rush is dead in the water, since heavy attacks are the only things affected by them now. Moved on to either crit or status mods, depending on the weapon.
  7. Nothing is strictly like Warframe. It's ninjas, it's space, it's hover boarding, it's musical fashion 'frame, it's getting freaky chairs to disinfect you, it's breeding cat-dog hybrid horrors, it's puzzle solving, it's platforming, it's farming, it's Ace Combat-lite, it's Pokemon-ing (spectres), it's raiding, running, eating, healing, and slaying, it's doing guard jobs, it's infestation exterminating, it's animal conservation (for the floofs), it's fishing, it's befriending the hard way (liches), it's saving colonies, it's time traveling, and even among many other aspects, the most important is that it is all we can do to help our dear Space Mama Lotus. T_T We miss you!
  8. Got a +13 Mk III reactor last night.... That's better than the base Sigma, right?! XD
  9. I got a Zetki Mk III Reactor last night. +13 Avionics Capacity +100 Flux Capacity 50% to extinguish a new fire after 5s. What can someone do with 13 avionics on a tier 3 reactor? Die? Maybe if it was 113 instead, I wouldn't have had to scrap it for Dirac.
  10. This. This is a really great idea! Especially since whenever they add Corpus to the RJ mission nodes, their ships will more than likely have them, so why not steal the technology akin to how we do so for weapons? Another good one would be for the Spectre squads we build in the Orokin Labs to have a Pokeball dispenser installed in the RJ. Have Tactical or Command (when released) set it up, and they'll be able to take care of boarders and such.
  11. Reactors aren't tradable, are they? That would be the only saving grace, if it's true.
  12. Yup. Railjack's Earth missions. Do the main objective, and then hit up every single resource spot left over. Sure, it'll take a while, but with 4 people it'll cut down on the time necessary.
  13. There's a mod that reduces damage by something like 10%, but the self-inflicted damage by ~90%. If you're unable to find a mitigator, then I would recommend said mod.
  14. For each crew type to base itself on the stats of your own Intrinsic levels. Level 4 Tactical? They can blip around doing stuff. Level 10 Tactical? You go into the base, Kuva Lich blips to you, you blip back, the Kuva Lich finishes the objective, blips back to you. Blip blip, blippity blipblip.
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